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The CRC team is here to support you in identifying the most appropriate pathway to suit your individual training needs. For those starting out in the industry, we have entry level courses that will give you an insight into the world of catering and hospitality and for those looking to consolidate their career with a recognised qualification, you will further your knowledge with guidance from industry experts in state-of-the-art training and production kitchens, equipped to the highest professional standard.

The on-site Brasserie and Restaurant is run by learners and open to the paying public, providing ongoing, real-life experience of working in professional kitchens, while developing the art of great hospitality.

Great reasons to choose Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Events at CRC
  • Commercial experience through our Brasserie and restaurant
  • State of the art industry-standard kitchens
  • Chance to compete in regional & national competitions

Why choose a career in Catering & Hospitality?

Endless Opportunities

A career in catering can pave the way for some fantastic opportunities, whether that is working abroad for some of the top restaurants and hotels, or travelling the world working as a chef on a luxury cruise ship, a career in catering can open up a world of opportunity. 

Utilise Creative Skills

If creativity is where you excel, you may find your skills will help you in the catering and hospitality sector. Whether you are creating bespoke food and drink, planning an event or even designing an experience, your creativity can be be used to full effect.

Industry Insight

Whether you are new to the world of catering and hospitality or already have prior experience, Our catering and hospitality qualifications and tutors will help you gain vital insight into a range of organisations across the two sectors.

Potential salaries you could earn working within Catering & Hospitality

Events Co-ordinator
Hotel Manager
Distribution Manager

*All salaries are based on the UK average with data from Glassdoor. These roles and salaries are just some of the potential opportunities for those who decide on a career in this sector and are not guaranteed*

NVQ level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
Free* Level 3 Course
NVQ level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
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