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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Driving forward towards NetZero as a college and supporting Cambridgeshire’s green skills development

Sustainability is a key priority for Cambridge Regional College and we are committed to the national agenda to be net zero by the year 2050. Our focus is on developing green skills for the region’s workforce and green industries as well as raising awareness of sustainable practices and taking steps to improve the sustainable practices in all aspects of College life.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Our strategy is focussed around three core themes

Full-time Course Next Steps

A Green College

Reducing the college’s carbon impact.

Apprenticeship Next Steps

Green Skills

Embedding sustainability into the curriculum.


Skills for Green Industries

Addressing skills needs for Green industries in Cambridgeshire.

Green College & Green Skills

Our Activities

  • We have a successful recycling programme in place with 96% of waste being recycled and avoiding landfill.
  • Our Culinary Arts, Catering and Hospitality department use sustainable practices and follow a farm to fork approach, with sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers and a focus on reducing food waste with the Park’s ‘Buffet Friday’.
  • We are raising awareness by embedding sustainability into our curriculum and programmes.
  • Enterprise competitions like the ‘Big Bid’ are focussed around societal challenges like the environment, seeing recent winners with their ‘Turn it off’ campaign.
  • Our staff and students undertake litter picks across the campuses and in the local community.
  • We partner with organisations such as Wellcome Sanger Institute to create biozones on our campuses to encourage wildlife.
  • We are working towards our campuses being Hedgehog friendly.

Skills for Green Industries

Addressing skills needs for Green industries in Cambridgeshire.

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Electric Vehicle Courses

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation Courses
Electric Vehicle Maintenance Courses

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump Courses

Launching Spring 2024, Air Source Heat Pump Installation Courses.

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Retrofit Courses

CRC will soon be offering retrofit courses to support the refitting of existing building stock for energy efficiency. Courses will include Understanding Domestic Retrofit, Energy Efficiency for Older and Traditional Buildings, and Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management and more.

Sustainable Business Practices Training

Sustainable Business Practices Training

All businesses can access Sustainability training for their employees through our online learning courses, including a range of industry specific training.

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