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Cambridge Regional College is one of the most successful, well-equipped and technologically-advanced Colleges of Further Education in the United Kingdom. Our International Centre has been welcoming international students from all over the world to study and experience British culture for many years.  Our position in Cambridge means you will live and study in a city with wonderful history, culture, and sightseeing opportunities. Did you know we are only 45 minutes by train from heart of London?

There are so many fantastic opportunities for international students studying with us. We offer a wide range of English language courses which can be combined with vocational subjects, specialist terminology or taken on their own. We offer academic courses preparing students for university and we can guide students through professional qualifications.

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Why should you choose to study at Cambridge Regional College?

UKVI Licensed Visa Sponsor

Cambridge Regional College has been licensed by the UKVI to enrol international students under the student route of the Points Based System as a Student Sponsor – Track Record.


Living in the UK? Is English a Second or Other Language for you?
Improve your English for study, work and life.


Our training programmes are available all year round and can be delivered in Cambridge, in the workplace, via on-line technology or overseas.

Do I need Health Surcharge?

You will be required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your visa application. Failure to pay the surcharge, if you are required to do so, will result in the visa being refused.

If you are an ‘overseas visitor’ and are not in one of the groups who are exempt from paying fees, you will be charged a high rate for any hospital treatment you receive (150% of the usual ‘tariff’). You should make sure you have private health insurance from the beginning of your stay.

If you are using the six-month ‘student visitor’ route or the six-month ‘short-term student’ route you should make sure you have private health insurance from the beginning of your stay.

If you are using the 11-month ‘student visitor’ route or the 11-month ‘short-term student’ route and you were not asked to pay the immigration health surcharge when you made your entry clearance application, then you will be entitled to free hospital treatment. This is because the government has temporarily ‘waived’ the immigration health surcharge for your group. Please note that at some point in the future, anyone applying for entry clearance as an 11-month ‘short-term student’ will be asked to pay the immigration health surcharge when they make their entry clearance application.

How Brexit is affecting EU –EEU students: immigration, fees and support for when you arrive

Cambridge Regional College is member of UKCISA – The UK Council for International Affairs. For up to date information on Brexit, and how this may affect you, please see the information on the UKCISA website through the following link:–Advice/EU-EEA–Swiss-Students/Brexit-immigration-fees-and-student-support-for-when-you-arrive

For up to date visa information for EU students planning to study in the UK from January 2021, please follow this link:

Why do I need to sit an English test before starting my course?

We ask you to sit an English test for different reasons:

  • so that we can check that you have a good enough level for the course of your choice,
  • so that we can place you in the best class for your level,
  • so that we can help you make longer term plans for your studies.
In my English class, do I have to sit an exam?

If you are an ESOL student, you will sit your exams when you are ready according to the exam criteria.

If you want to sit a Cambridge exam or IELTS or another internationally recognised qualification, you will be able to decide when to sit your exam. However, we recommend that you discuss this with your tutor so that you take your exams when you have the best chance of being successful.

Exam certificates are useful evidence of study and willingness to improve so can be very valuable at work or if you are looking for work or you want to continue with your studies.

In my English class, can I take my exams when I want to?

If you are an ESOL student, you can sit your exams when you are ready according to the exam criteria. Your teacher will use past exam papers to make a decision. Your teacher will discuss your progress with you so you know what you need to do to sit your exams.

If you want to sit a Cambridge exam or IELTS or another internationally recognised qualification, you will need to consult the official exam calendar and book your place for a time that suits you.

If I decide to continue with my English course for longer will I be able to extend it later?

Yes, you can usually extend your course with us, unless you are on a specific visa which doesn’t allow you to extend.

How do I progress from ESOL to another course?

You will be able to progress to another course in or outside College when you have reached the required level of English; this depends on which course you are interested in.

Can I study ESOL English and a vocational course at the same time?

If the timetable of your vocational course allows you can attend a part-time ESOL class. Your vocational course will also have English classes that you will need to attend.

Can I apply to a university in the UK after my course at Cambridge Regional College?

This will depend on the course you choose to study with us and your educational background. If you want to study in a UK university after your course at Cambridge Regional College, please, discuss this with our international officer or at interview so we can give you the best possible advice before you start your course. Many of our students have successfully progressed to a university course in the UK so we can give you good professional advice.

Are there any parking charges for students who come to College with a car?

There is a daily charge which you need to pay before retrieving your car from the student car park.

Do I have internet connection at the College? How much does it cost?

All students enrolled at the College have free internet connection while in College. Students in our homestay accommodation have free internet connection as well.

Where can I live if I come to study at your College?

International students usually live within host families (arranged through the International Office) while they are studying at CRC. Living in a host family is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself into everyday British life and provides a great chance to continue practicing your English language skills outside the classroom.

Alternatively, there are a number of Student Residences in Cambridge. These offer a more independent style of living, similar to university halls. Contact the International Officer for more information.

What are the entry requirements?

This will depend on the course you choose. Some courses are aimed at those with a higher level of English language skills. A list of the course requirements can be seen on the course page of the CRC website. 

Do I need to apply for a visa and what type of visa I need to apply?

This will depend on your country of origin and how long you intend to study in the UK for. Students from most non-EU countries will require a Tier 4 student visa. Visit the UKGOV website or contact the International Office for more information.

What can I do if I want to change my accommodation?

Speak with the Accommodation Officer who will be able to advise you. If you are living in host family accommodation you must provide two weeks’ notice before leaving your accommodation.

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