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Special Educational Needs

At Cambridge Regional College, we take Special Educational Needs very seriously.  Meeting your needs is the best way of enabling you to achieve your potential and this is all we ever want for our students! Whatever your educational need, we aspire to have the right provision available for you; from specific courses for learners with severe learning difficulties through to in-class support for learners who need someone to take notes

 If you have a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan and you feel you need continued support here at CRC, please talk to us.

Personal Support

Specialist learning support staff provide individual support to students with a broad range of special educational needs and disabilities. Support will be personalised to your own individual goals.

Education, Health and Care Plan support
Dedicated Curriculum Leaders and EHCP Officers will support you through your programme and provide information about the Annual Review process. We work with you whilst you are at college to achieve your personalised outcomes.

Applying with an EHCP

It is important that if you have an Education, Health and Care Plan, that you tell us when you apply so that we can work closely with your Local Authority to ensure that you have an effective transition to college and our offer of a place at CRC is conditional on the consultation being complete and approved.

This will ensure that we put in place the most appropriate support to ensure that you are successful at College.

For EHCP recipients, it is a statutory requirement that your Local Authority forwards a copy of your EHCP to the college for assessment. We work closely with all Local Authorities. It would help speed up your application if you have informed your school where you think you will be starting your education in September. A good opportunity to this will be at your Annual EHCP Review, or by informing your Local Authority by email. For Cambridgeshire Local Authority, please contact them via this email address , informing them your name, date of birth and that you are applying to Cambridge Regional College.

Visually impaired/Blindness
Sighted guides, braille, adapting materials, audio description and advice on assistive technologies to enable you to access computer programmes.

Physical access needs
Mobility assistance, personal care, note-taking and advice on assistive technology.

Learning disabilities
Support to empower you to become more confident in communication, ICT, English and maths.

British Sign Language or Sign Supported English to enable access to the curriculum along with note-taking, mentoring and personalised support to help you develop your writing skills.

Study and communication strategies through personalised guidance and mentoring to support you to become more independent as you prepare for adulthood, including life skills.

Develop your confidence with mentoring support, notetaking, assistive technologies and adapted resources.


Types of courses we offer:

Supported Internship

Supported Interns have two days placed with a suitable employer where they are taught carefully and systematically to do the job to a high standard.  Learners are fully supported to start and are gradually offered less support so they become more independent.  Travel training is also part of the offer.


Introduction course

These courses are designed for students who are interested in gaining skills and careers in a particular industry but lack the required entry requirements to go onto a mainstream courses or apprenticeship programme. It is also ideal for students who need a more supported environment in which to learn and flourish and is an ideal move on from other E3 supported courses.

These courses are the first step to gaining vocational qualifications that will help you decide what pathway to take further and has a clear goal to get you work ready by the end of the course.



This is a level 1 employability course that helps to develop young people’s personal and social skills and resilience for working life. The programme offers the chance to develop skills for life including home skills and cooking as well as enterprise skills through project based work.

This course is particularly suitable for young people who have lost their confidence or are unsure about which path they want to take.  The highly supportive and small class sizes offers the opportunity to develop self- awareness and self-esteem.


Courses for Severe Learning Difficulties

CRC offers a variety of courses for young people with severe learning difficulties. They may have ASD, high sensory needs and limited communication skills. There is a course for everyone, view the full list below.

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