Exam Results

Qualification Results

Results for qualifications with a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) (GCSE, BTEC, CACHE/NCFE, City & Guilds Technical and UAL) will be released on 10th August (level 3) and 12th August (level 2 including GCSE).

Please do not come to College to collect your results; these will be sent by email to your College account

Results are published at different times during those days and emails will be sent out in batches as quickly as possible. This means you may not get your emaiuntil later in the day; please don’t worry if your results are not in your inbox in the morning.

Results for other qualifications are received from Awarding Organisations throughout August. Certificates will be posted to you when they are received by the College.

Results Appeals and Complaints Process

Appeals/complaints process summer 2021

Summer 2021

Please follow this link to access the most up to date information on qualifications: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofqual

All the information we have put on our website is published in good faith, and reflects awarding organisation guidance.

Due to the continued impact of Covid-19 on this year’s exams and assessments, we have put into place a special results appeals and complaints process for these summer results. This is to ensure there is a quick response in line with the awarding organisations’ and Ofqual’s guidance for this set of results. Ofqual has published a student guide to help students to understand how results have been awarded this year and where to find more information.

If, when you receive your results, you are concerned that your grade is wrong, there is an appeals process in place. Your first step should be to speak the college for feedback and advice. You can find out more details from the college or exam board. See also what to do if you think your grade is wrong.

Grounds for appeal

You can appeal if you think that:

  • there was an error in the way the college followed or applied its procedure for determining your grade
  • the college didn’t make a reasonable judgement when deciding which evidence to use to determine your grade
  • the college didn’t make a reasonable judgement about your grade based on the evidence used
  • the exam board made an administrative error.

If you feel your grade is wrong, you should speak to the college first to check if there was a mistake in determining or submitting your grade. This is known as a ‘Centre review’.

The centre review will check that the process has been followed correctly and that no administrative errors were made. It does not review the judgement of the grade itself.

If college does not find an error as part of the centre review but you still believe that your grade is wrong, you can then ask the college to submit a formal appeal on your behalf to the exam board. This is known as an ‘Exam board appeal’.

Outcome of exam board appeal

The appeal will either be rejected or upheld, wholly or in part (for example if you have submitted an appeal on multiple grounds).

You must be aware that your grade could go up, down, or stay the same.

Procedural review

If you have completed the appeals process and remain concerned that your grade is incorrect, you may be able to apply to the Exam Procedures Review Service (EPRS) for a procedural review.

For further guidance, please check the relevant regulator’s website: Ofqual (England)

Starting the process if you believe your grade is wrong

Please email  with full details of your concern no later than on Friday 3rd September 2021.

If you are applying to higher education and did not attain the grades required to meet the conditions of your accepted firm choice offer, then please ensure that you put the words “priority appeal” into your email subject heading.

In this instance, please email  with full details of your concern no later Monday 23rd August 2021. Again, please be aware that, in the event of an exam board appeal, it is possible that your grade could go up, down or remain the same.

Once you have received the outcome of your centre review, if you wish to request an awarding organisation appeal you should do so as soon as possible. Your school or college will submit this on your behalf. Requests for a priority appeal should be submitted by 23 August 2021 and requests for non-priority appeals should be submitted by 17 September 2021. Priority appeals that aren’t submitted to the awarding organisation by 23 August 2021 will still be treated as a priority but they may not be completed in time for those with a higher education place dependent on the outcome of the appeal. Further details on appeals processes are available on each awarding organisation’s websites.

Will college staff be available to discuss your results with you?

Yes. We will send full details of how you can contact relevant staff in the email containing your provisional statement of results.  We also will be running Advice Cafes by phone and on site, on results day and after, so you can access any support and guidance you need.

Appeals must be made via our Quality Team, please see details above on this page. 

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