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How to secure an Apprenticeship

Being an apprentice can lead to a great career

Securing an apprenticeship can be quite daunting and it is very different to applying for a full-time course. To start an apprenticeship programme you need to be employed as an apprentice, and that job position has to be relevant to the apprenticeship programme you choose.

To help you through the process we have put together the below step-by-step guide which will provide you with all the information and useful links you will need to find, apply and secure your apprenticeship.

How getting an apprenticeship works


Let us know you’re looking

There are lots of things we can assist you with so its best to let us know you are interested in doing an apprenticeship.

To do this, you should use the course search on our website to find the right apprenticeship programme and then click the ‘Register your interest button’ in the top right hand corner of the programmes page.


Search for apprenticeship job vacancies

We work with over 1000 employers locally and nationally, and we assist them in recruiting their next apprentices.

Check out the latest Apprenticeship Job Vacancies listed on our website and subscribe to our Apprenticeship Job Alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest apprenticeship vacancies in the region.


Attend an Information Evening or Open Day

Visit our campuses or join our online events to meet some of our apprenticeship advisors who will be able to support you on your journey to securing an apprenticeship programme with an employer.

View our upcoming events page to find out when the next event is, or if you are unable to join us then you can arrange a telephone appointment with an apprenticeship advisor here.


Apply for vacancies

Apprenticeship vacancies receive many applications, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd!

When applying for a vacancy, think about how your skills and experience relate to the job and the organisation. It’s always a good idea to secure work experience or do some volunteering to show you are keen, driven and hard-working.


When you’ve found an employer

Once you have successfully been recruited by an employer you will need to let us know that you are ready to begin your apprenticeship programme. It is at this point where you will be asked to fill in a CRC application form, so that we can begin the enrolment process and register you as a learner.

The apprenticeship advisors will help you through that process, they can help your employer too if they haven’t had an apprentice or used us as a training provider before.

Just email to notify us and we can start on the paperwork!

Book an Advice Appointment

View the latest Apprenticeship Vacancies

Additional things you can do to stand out from other applicants


Make your CV bespoke to the job role

Think about how your skills and experience relate to the job and the organisation. Try providing specific examples of the projects and activities you have been involved in, this will demonstrate how your skills can be applied in the workplace.


Do your research and be proactive

You don’t have to wait until you see an apprenticeship role advertised, you can be proactive and approach the employer yourself. You just never know who might be looking to recruit an apprentice and when! 


Think about social media

Many recruiters will search for applicants online, so remember to be mindful of what you share online and adjust your privacy settings, if needed.

You can use this to your advantage too though, build out your professional LinkedIn profile to display your achievements and skills.

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