6 Reasons to attend an Open Day



At CRC we believe that our people are at the heart of our success. Our Open Days give you an opportunity to meet the CRC team. Our expert tutors and excellent support staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the college.
We also recommend you have a chat with somebody who is currently studying at CRC, who better to get advice from than somebody who was in your shoes


Meet new friends

CRC is proud of its community feel and aims to create a harmonious and supportive study environment for everyone.
Our Open Days focus on individuals who are new to the college, so why not have a chat with other people on your Open Day Tour! They may have questions or ideas you haven’t thought of yet, and who knows, you may be studying together next year.



CRC consists of two very different campuses, so we understand the huge role this can play in your decision. To discover what each campus can offer you, attend an Open Day at each!
Cambridge Campus’ great location makes it easily accessible by bus and train or car and offers the most subjects. Whereas, Huntingdon is much smaller with a strong community feel and fewer students. You should choose the environment that’s most suited to you.
We understand that the college facilities play a key role in the success of your studies, and we are proud to offer industry standard resources across a range of study areas at both our campuses. All to help you achieve your best at CRC!



Sometimes the jump from secondary school to college can seem overwhelming. To ensure you are confident in your decision, we advise you ask plenty of questions! An Open Day is the perfect opportunity for this.
Try joining more than one course tour, students find the way things are taught at college is more practical than school and there is a much wider variety of study options, meaning you may find a love for an area of study that you might not have considered.
You may also wish to explore the ways you can study. CRC has relationships with local and regional companies both big and small, who are searching for apprentices! An apprenticeship allows you to study while you work, meaning you will gain on the job experience and certification. Not something you’ve considered before? Chat with our Apprenticeship Team at an Open Day to find out if this would be a suitable route for you.



With such a wide range of courses on offer at CRC, there is a lot to consider when deciding which is the right choice for you. An Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you to explore these factors. By attending, you will learn about the examination style of the course, as well as the ways in which you will learn.

Here at CRC we are passionate about practical learning, but many courses have an element of theory too! In short – Open Days give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have, no matter how big or small. We want to ensure that you get off on the right track whichever path you decide to take!



Most importantly, we want you to come along and check our overall vibe, who knows, it might just work for you! With great leisure facilities such as a fully-equipped gym and fitness classes; and fantastic catering outlets on Campus – we think you would fit right in.

You can book onto our next Open Day here www.camre.ac.uk/open-days !

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