Keeping Busy over the Easter holidays

We had only just come back to College and here we are in the midst of the Easter holidays. It may seem difficult to remain positive with so many changes in our lives, but there are things we can do to keep ourselves on track.

Take a moment to think about the resilience you have demonstrated so far. It might not feel like it, but the experience of the last twelve months has prepared you to manage change and take on any challenge put in front of you. Remember that. Follow us on social media for ideas of activities that you can be doing during the Easter holidays. In the meantime, here some of our top tips.

Stick to the government guidelines.

It is going to be tough. As the evenings get increasingly lighter and the weather warms up, it is going to seem an impossible task to follow the government guidelines, but our behaviour right now will determine how much longer we have to stay in a lockdown situation.

The current guidelines (from 29th March)

  • People can meet outdoors in groups of six, from two households.
  • This can be in a private garden or public space, such as a park.
  • You are encouraged to stay local.

Lockdown guidelines will continue to be reviewed and hairdressers, non-essential retailers, gyms and outdoor hospitality are expected to re-open on 12th April. Things are so close to getting back to where we want them to be. Let’s not doing anything to threaten that now.

Covid Roadmap
Covid Roadmap

Remember to stay in touch with your friends

Stay in Touch
Stay in Touch

You may not be able to meet up with your friends in the way that you would like, but there are lots of ways you can stay in touch. Make sure you take advantage of the technology at your disposal. Don’t isolate yourself over the holidays.

Why not challenge your group of friends to come up with four quiz questions each, set up a Zoom/ Teams call and see who will be the spring break quiz champion?

If you have an activity that you all enjoy, such as gaming, films or baking, why not arrange to do these things together over a video call.

Grab some snacks, some drinks and make an evening of it.

Maintain a routine and keep busy

Just because we can’t go out and socialise, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. It is important to maintain some sort of routine. Fill your day with activities to keep your mind active. It will make you feel much better than just laying around in bed all day.

You could go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. There are lots of green spaces in and around Cambridge and Huntingdon. Go out and explore your local area.

If you are happy being at home, why not take up a new hobby, such as cooking or photography. You could even start your own mini herb garden or create a wildlife corner.

Daily Routine
Daily Routine

Exercise is good for the mind and body

Physical Exercise
Physical Exercise

Doing a physical activity not only gives your body a good workout but exercising clears your mind and releases chemicals that can improve your mood, making you feel more relaxed. This is a really good way of combatting stress and low mood.

Why not set your friendship group a physical challenge; Who can cover the most miles in one week or create a workout that you can all follow? Prepare yourself for when the gym re-opens!

Relaxation exercises are also a good way of taking some time out from life. You could try learning the art of yoga or Tai Chi.

Limit your time on social media

We have become so used to reaching for our devices when we have a quiet moment that we often forget that we have quite a lot of time on our hands right now. Too much time to be constantly scrolling through your apps. Set aside some time away from the screen, you will find that you feel better for it.

Aim to reduce your screen time day-by-day so that your mobile phone becomes something you only reach for when you have do everything else that life has to offer.

Social Media

If the roadmap out of lockdown remains the same, we could be experiencing normal life once again by the time the summer break arrives. Take this time away from the fast pace of life as we knew it returns.-

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