It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week and Cambridge Regional College is committed to being a Hedgehog Friendly Campus! - Cambridge Regional College
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It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week and Cambridge Regional College is committed to being a Hedgehog Friendly Campus!


Hedgehog Awareness Week highlights the problems hedgehogs face and how to help them. Hedgehogs have declined by up to 50% since 2000 and are now vulnerable to extinction in Britain. We want to do our bit to help. CRC has committed to taking part in Hedgehog Friendly Campus, a national accreditation programme funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).

Whether you’re team Mrs Tiggy-winkle or more of a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, this unique prickly animal is much-loved. Habitat loss, new development, roads and garden hazards have all contributed to the decline in their numbers and we need to act fast to stop hedgehogs disappearing altogether.

How CRC is helping the hogs!


Universities, FE colleges, schools and primary schools across the UK are now being urged to take part in Hedgehog Friendly Campus and will be completing activities to help bring hedgehogs back from the brink.

Here are some of the steps CRC is taking to help the hogs:

  • Encouraging students to get involved in litter picking on campus, most recently during our Volunteering Week where lots of students and staff got involved on campus and amongst our local communities.
  • Running an awareness campaign around campus to alert students to the dangers of dropping litter and the impact this has on wildlife and hedgehogs in particular.
  • Constructing hedgehog houses to give the hogs somewhere to shelter, sleep and hibernate.


Hedgehogs love bread and milk, right?

Wrong. Don’t give hedgehogs milk – they are lactose-intolerant!

8 top tips for creating Hedgehog friendly environments  

There are practical steps you can take to help reverse the decline of hedgehogs in the wild.

  1. Areas like log piles, leaf piles, wild corners and edges offer shelter for hedgehogs and will attract natural food. Consider developing a hedgehog friendly zone in your garden.
  2. Hedgehogs forage mostly for bugs and grubs in wild areas. If you want to feed hedgehogs, then give them meaty cat or dog food.
  3. Water is essential for wildlife. Provide a shallow dish of water for hedgehogs.
  4. Make sure your garden is hedgehog friendly. Hedgehog spines can get entangled in sports nets and garden netting so ensure it’s raised 30cm off the ground so any hedgehogs can pass under and don’t get trapped.
  5. Provide gaps and holes for hedgehogs to go through – they can travel up to 2km per night!
  6. Before mowing, strimming, or lighting a bonfire always check for wildlife.
  7. Don’t pick up hedgehogs unless you think they need your help.
  8. Hedgehogs are nocturnal. If you see one out during the day and you’re worried about it contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (details below).

Would you like to get involved in Hedgehog Friendly Campus?

If you’re a CRC student email for more information.

Students can claim a free starter pack. Just email .

Follow the national campaign: @hogfriendly

Visit The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (

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