Are you an international student looking to improve your English?

If English is your second language and you are looking to improve your English skills, then studying in the UK is a great option. With so many English language courses aimed at international students, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this blog, we break down the types of English courses on offer at Cambridge Regional College, so you can see which one is best for you.

All of our courses are aimed at improving verbal, written, reading and listening skills. This blog will highlight the differences between each course, making it easy for you to identify the best option. If you would like to make enquiries about any of the courses listed, please email:


English as a Second or Other Language is often referred to as ESOL. It is an introductory English course available to school leavers, 16-18 years, or adults, who are looking to improve their English to continue with studies or find employment.

Applicants must be settled in the UK and, upon entry, will sit a short ‘Skills for Life’ test that will identify existing English skills to determine which level of ESOL you will enter at.

The course covers a wide range of topics including pronunciation, exam skills, oral presentation skills and dictionary and study skills. You will also learn about British culture and way of life, British Values and Equality & Diversity.

Find out more about ESOL.

English as a Foreign Language, otherwise referred to as EFL is an English course for learners that are not settled within the UK but wish to improve their English language skills for work or study.

The course is suitable for learners aged over 16 years and the level at which you study will depend on your existing English skills. This is determined at the start of the course.

On the course you will study English reading, writing, speaking and listening in addition to British Values, British culture and the British way of life. You can study full-time or part-time.

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The International English Testing System is referred to as IELTS. It is an intensive 4-week online programme that is suited to those looking to work where English is used as the language of communication.

There is an entry requirement of IELTS Level 5 at the start of the course. The course is delivered through Microsoft Teams and in addition to the four live online lessons, you will be required to self-study to complete the coursework.

Find out more about IELTS.

CRC offers a well-organised and exciting seasonal English language programme for young, adult and professional learners.

The course focusses on improving the English language skills of international students through classroom based learning and cultural experiences, making it a popular choice for organised groups as well as individual applicants.

The programme must be undertaken for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks. The college Student Support and Advice team are on hand to support you with the necessary arrangements for your visit, including travel, accommodation and visas.

Spring, Summer and Winter Schools
Spring, Summer and Winter Schools
Spring, Summer and Winer Schools Online
Spring, Summer and Winter Schools

In light of the restrictions on travel, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have moved our spring, summer and winter schools online for the foreseeable future.

The course will cover the same English language content and will introduce the learner to British culture and values in a creative and engaging way, meaning that you can continue to experience all that Cambridge and the surrounding area has to offer during your online studies.

Find out more about Spring, Summer and Winter Schools.

The Academic English Programme is a part-time course designed for students who wish to widen their understanding and knowledge of English. The course will prepare the learner for university and is also suitable for professionals who want to develop their English to help career prospects.

On the course you will cover English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills plus critical thinking and exam preparation. In addition, you will have tutorials where you can discuss your progress and set agreed targets.

The college will support you to gain your IELTS as part of the programme to prepare you for the next steps in your learning or career.

Find out more about the Academic English Programme.

Academic English
Business and General English
Business and General English

This part-time course is designed for those needing to effectively use English in a professional or general environment. If you are looking to progress within the workplace and develop your career, this is the course for you.

Throughout the course you will explore daily workplace language including verbal and written communication skills, essential soft skills and business vocabulary. Study online or enrol to study on-campus. Find out more about Business and General English.

Cambridge Regional College is one of the most successful, well-equipped and technologically advanced Colleges of Further Education in the United Kingdom. Our International Centre has been welcoming international students from all over the world to study and experience British culture for many years. 

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