How Can Professional Development Help My Career?

Every employer wants a team of highly skilled employees, and it is increasingly argued that if you want to get ahead of the competition, you must demonstrate your commitment to continuous professional development.

Undertaking professional development is evidence of your commitment to learning and growing with the organisation.

Join us as we explore the benefits of investing in your future and the positive impact this will have on your career.

Taking pride in professional development

Organisations pride themselves on investing in their workforce and will often promote learning and development as part of the benefits package to attract the best talent. An organisation that has a reputation for continued professional development can be viewed as a business that seeks to continually improve in all areas.

Check out your employment package to see if your employer promotes learning and development in the workplace. If so, why not put a request into your line manager for some additional training and development.


Being part of a skilled workforce


The workplace has evolved as hybrid or remote working become the norm. The line between work life and home life is no longer as clear as it once was. You would be forgiven for feeling as though you are making a greater personal investment as the two areas of your life cross over. Professional development gives us a sense of pride and makes us feel that we are valued.

Demonstrating a desire to be developed means you will become part of a taskforce that is enthusiastic and skilled, with a willingness to participate in development opportunities that will ultimately contribute to the success of the company.

Keeping yourself engaged in your role

Professional development pushes the boundaries and keeps you engaged in your role as you learn new skills and have greater workplace opportunities. The challenge and exposure to new information will keep things fresh and exciting.

Participating in internal workplace learning opportunities also enables you to form greater connections with colleagues from within the organisation, particularly in a time when hybrid learning is reducing the amount of time we spend working with others. Developing new skills together forms professional bonds and a stronger workforce.


Being part of a talented workforce


As you develop in your role, you will naturally demonstrate greater performance and outputs which will benefit the business and a highly trained team will grow to become more and more successful. Alongside this improved performance, you will become part of a pool of talented and loyal employees who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and work together to achieve positive results.

Continued Professional Development is often incorporated into an organisations appraisal process, providing the opportunity for a two-way discussion on identified skill gaps and what development opportunities you feel you would benefit from. This is the perfect time to put forward your requirements for professional development.

Your return on investment

Professional development will most likely come with a time commitment outside of your working day and this may appear to outweigh the benefits, however, ensuring you are continually developing within your role will increase your efficiency saving time in the long run.

If your employer is willing to invest in your development, it demonstrates their belief in you and their commitment to you as an individual. They are investing in you, often financially, to develop you as an individual and produce better outcomes for the business. The return is two-fold.


Developing internal talent


Training and developing will improve your chances of progression within the company through internal promotion. Your knowledge of the company and familiarity with the culture, in addition to your developing knowledge and skills, will put you in a strong position should you come up against any external candidates applying for roles.

A culture of promotion and internal development means that the workforce grows together, and you could be part of that developing internal talent.

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