5 Reasons Why We Love Apprenticeships

When considering your study options, there are so many different training providers to choose from, and an even bigger selection of courses and programmes. At CRC we offer lots of options that can lead you to a successful career and one of those options is an apprenticeship programme. To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2021 we have pulled together our top 5 reasons why we love apprenticeships, and we are hoping that you will love them too!


Learn Practical and Relevant Skills

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to develop industry-standard skills within your chosen sector.
Unlike a full-time vocational course or A-levels, on an apprenticeship you will spend the majority of your time learning on-the-job. You will spend 80% of your working week in the workplace, learning from experienced industry professionals, whilst 20% of your time will be spent developing a theoretical understanding in college or online.

The combination of skills that you learn throughout your apprenticeship will provide you with the foundation you need to jump start your career.


Earn While You Learn

As an apprentice you are an employee, meaning you will begin earning a wage from your first day.
Not only that, but you may also have access to other staff benefits that are provided by your employer such as pension contributions, annual holiday entitlement and discounted leisure activities.

The pay an apprentice receives depends entirely on the employer, although there is a minimum wage set by the government for apprentices which is currently £4.15 per-hour (February 2021). Many employers pay above this, especially in highly skilled sectors like engineering with some apprentices earning a salary of £18,000 or more.


Receive Professional Support & Guidance

During your apprenticeship, you will receive professional support and guidance from experienced colleagues in the workplace, and your Apprenticeship Assessor/Coach.
The great thing about learning in the workplace is that the colleagues you work with are there to help train you, pass on their wealth of knowledge and share their industry experience.
You will be allocated an Apprenticeship Assessor/ Coach to guide you through your programme, ensuring that, should you encounter any difficulties, someone is there to support you.
Whether you need help with something at work or assistance with an assignment, you will have experienced personnel there to assist you. Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question and your employer and Assessor are invested in your future career and success. We all want you to succeed!


Progress Within the Business

If you impress your employer during your apprenticeship, you could receive a full-time, permanent job offer.
At Cambridge Regional College, many of our Apprentices are offered a full-time position, once they have completed their apprenticeship.

If you display a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to the role, there’s a real possibility you will be offered a permanent position or even a promotion.


Gain Nationally Recognised Qualifications

At Cambridge Regional College, we offer Level 2 – Level 5 apprenticeships in a variety of sectors.
Apprenticeship qualifications are nationally recognised. In fact, they’re highly sought after by employers, as it displays you have both a practical and theoretical understanding of your chosen sector.
Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, there’s an array of options available to you. You could progress onto a higher-level apprenticeship, move into full-time employment with your current employer or a new employer, or apply to university.

Jump Start Your Career with an Apprenticeship!
We know it can be difficult deciding what to do after you’ve completed your GCSEs, but we hope to make that decision a little easier for you.

We offer apprenticeships in a variety of sectors, subscribe to our Apprenticeship Job Alerts to see the latest apprenticeship vacancies. You can discover more about apprenticeships here.

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