Why choose an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a form of studying that focuses on gaining industry knowledge and learning in a practical way, whilst earing a wage. How this usually works is by spending one day studying the theory components of your qualification; either at college or online, then spending the rest of your week at a business which operates in your chosen industry. This is where you will learn from the experienced colleagues around you.


Why is this a great way of studying?

There are many different reasons to choose an apprenticeship, but we believe one of its best characteristics is the opportunity it gives you to gain industry knowledge, learn how the business operates and become familiar with your customers. Although full time education is very effective; some things are best learnt on the job. Therefore this type of programme is best suited to those who know exactly what they would like to become in the future.

In fact, nearly EVERY industry offers apprenticeships! Here at CRC alone we run over 40 different apprenticeship courses, from engineering and motor mechanics, to hairdressing and culinary arts. We teach a wide range of vocational skills which will assist you in your apprenticeship journey, meaning almost any job you are considering, could be accessed by completing an apprenticeship.


Earning your own wage

Of course we have to address the other big benefit, the ‘earn while you learn’ aspect of apprenticeships, this means that while you are both studying and working throughout your apprenticeship, you will receive an apprentice wage which is decided by your employer and can increase in amount as your progress through your programme. The minimum apprenticeship wage is set by the Government and is currently at £4.81 for 2022. Whilst you can earn more per hour in “normal job”, it’s important to remember that your employer would be paying the costs of your training which can range between £5,000 and £24,000 for a Level 3 Apprenticeships, depending on the sector. Hiring apprentices is a big financial commitment for employers and in return they are invested you your training and future.

Will I be qualified at the end of my apprenticeship?

Just like any other route of study, an apprenticeship will provide you with a recognised qualification and you can progress through the levels to achieve at degree level in some sectors. When looking at apprenticeship vacancies and attending interviews it’s always a good idea to ask the employer what progression opportunities they can offer you and whether they will support you through additional levels of studying.


If you wish to find out more about about apprenticeships, join us at our upcoming Apprenticeship Information Evening, or contact our Apprenticeship Team.

Huntingdon Apprenticeship Information Evening!

Come along to our Apprenticeship Information Evening to learn what it’s like to be an apprentice at Cambridge Regional College.

During the Information Evening, attendees will be invited to watch a short overview presentation to understand how apprenticeships work. After the presentation, visitors will then have time to browse apprenticeship stands across a range of programme areas including construction, engineering, hairdressing and more.

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