Leisure Courses at CRC

Get creative, find a new hobby, develop a skill!

At Cambridge Regional College we offer an exciting range of leisure and community courses taught by expert tutors. Whether you’re a complete beginner wanting to try something new or are keen to develop your existing talents, you can join a group of like-minded people and try a new skill in a creative and supportive environment.

We caught up with two of our current students, Nancy and William to find out what they enjoy about attending a leisure course at CRC, and why they keep coming back.


Nancy Kimberley

Advanced Jewellery

“I work part-time in an office and spend the rest of my time to making jewellery. I attend local craft fairs and have an Etsy shop that I sell my products on. I have been attending the jewellery making workshop at Cambridge Regional College for three years and I continue to come back as there is so much to learn. I am always picking up new techniques. The tutor, Elia has a vast knowledge and experience in jewellery making, and he is always on hand to help resolve any issues or hurdles I face.

I am developing a workshop at home but there are larger pieces of equipment that I can access in the CRC workshops and this is helpful. The tools, resources and expert knowledge are what keeps me coming back. I attend a lot of Cambridge open studios and I always share the positive experience I have had with Cambridge Regional College.”


William Oakman

Advanced Pottery

“I have been attending pottery evening classes for over 20 years. I come to class twice a week to keep up my lifelong hobby. I enjoy the hand-building and wheel work. There are so many different things you can make out of clay. We get involved in the entire process including firing and glazing. I enjoy the facilities at CRC, creating my pottery in the workshops is amazing. It is much more satisfying than working in a home workshop. I also enjoy meeting new people with a common interest.

I attend the Chesterton festival every year to sell my work, with all proceeds going to charity.” 

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