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English as a Second Language is no Barrier for Faber

Columbian born, Faber Rodrigues-Paraz had a long-term goal of moving to England to be a lorry driver, however he didn’t speak any English or have the necessary licence to enable him to drive heavy goods vehicles in the UK.

In the summer of 2019, while working as a lorry driver in Spain, Faber enrolled onto the Cambridge Regional College Summer School, co-ordinated by the International department. During the Summer School, Faber started to learn basic English skills and how to use these in practice, as he explored the British culture.

Upon returning to Spain, Faber was keen to continue his learning and after moving to the UK, he spent the following year studying English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) with CRC to improve his language skills further. Having temporarily changed his career, Faber continued to pursue his dream of gaining the required licence to allow him to be a lorry driver.

In January 2021, Faber successfully completed his Driver CPC Training in a range of modules including vehicle & personal safety, road traffic laws and Tacograph, all of which are delivered and assessed in English. This is an amazing achievement given that just 18 months before Faber was only just setting out on his journey to learn the English language.

Faber Rodrigues-Paraz

Faber said, “Cambridge Regional College International Centre has supported me through every stage of learning a second language. It has not always been easy, but I am determined to reach my goal one step at a time.”

The next step for Faber is to undertake his UK lorry driver test which will enable him to get back on track with his career as a lorry driver. We wish Faber the best of luck on his journey.

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