Cambridge University chef praises the apprenticeship programme as a great route into a career

Creating dishes as a chef at Cambridge University, while studying one day a week at college, has been the perfect route into a new career, thanks to the apprenticeship programme.

Lukasz Berda, 32, says the combination of working in a real-life catering environment and having time to back it up with college study has been a great way to learn his trade.

On leaving school Lukasz studied law at university but began working as a kitchen porter when he moved to Cambridge in 2012. 

“It was a good job that I enjoyed where I had the opportunity to watch the other chefs at work. After a couple of years the head chef asked if I would like to be an assistant,” Lukasz said. 

“I was then promoted to Chef and was offered the chance to train on the apprenticeship programme. At college there’s plenty of time to ask tutors questions, check, up on things, get tips and also talk to the other students on how they are doing in their work placements. 

“At the same time, I’m at work earning money and getting good experience in a busy kitchen. My goal is to be better, quicker, more creative, have great presentation skills and be the best chef I can be.” 

So, with his chef skills and experience, what is Lukasz’s favourite dish to cook? “Definitely chicken curry,” he said, “and my favourite food to eat is roast beef.”

To find out more about learning via an apprenticeship programme follow the link. 



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