Adult learner, Rosette makes strides towards her dream of becoming a teacher and business owner

Adult Learner RosetteAfter moving to the UK as a young adult, Rosette started a family and worked part-time as a freelance translator while raising her children. While this offered a secure income for her family, Rosette felt as though she had more to give, so after a 30-year break from education, she decided to explore her options as an adult learner.

Although Rosette had gained her GCSE equivalent qualifications in Uganda, the British education system was entirely new and after careful consideration Rosette enrolled with Cambridge Regional College as she felt that this was the best option in giving her a solid foundation in education, one that would enable her to progress as her confidence grew.

In 2017, at the age of 45, Rosette enrolled onto the Level 4 Higher National Certificate in Business to support her dream of starting up her own translation services business. The course offered the relevant business management skills needed to pursue her goal and upon completing Level 4, Rosette progressed onto the level 5 Higher National Diploma. Rosette said, “CRC was the best choice I could have made. My tutor, Anna, was very helpful throughout the entire L4 and L5 course. She helped me learn a new educational system by breaking up the tasks into manageable chunks. This gave me the confidence to move forward in my studies with increasing independence”.

In 2017 Rosette was awarded Student of the Year for her work ethic and determination, and she proudly accepted her certificate from Principal, Mark Robertson at the annual Festival of Achievement, Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Upon completing her studies with CRC, Rosette progressed onto the Foundation Degree top-up course with Anglia Ruskin University and in June 2020 she completed her degree in International Business. Rosette adds, “My experience was so positive that I wrote my initial Level 5 dissertation on my experience of studying at CRC and I then expanded on this to complete my final dissertation at ARU. I have just graduated with a 2:1 and I have CRC, and my course tutor, to thank for that. I didn’t want to fail so I put the work in, studying extra hours, but it was Anna supporting me, making me feel like I was important and holding my hand along the way that got me through”.

In a slight deviation from her original plans, Rosette plans to utilise her second language and complete her Teacher Training. Her new goal is to use her skill in another language to become a French teacher and she hopes that one day she will be able to return to CRC as a lecturer. The dream of setting up her own business remains a long-term goal, and Rosette explains that the route she is taking will give her the skills and experience required to make her dreams a reality.

When asked what advice she would give to an adult learner considering a return to education Rosette said, “Take the opportunities as they present themselves and never under-estimate the power of supportive, consistent tutors that give you direction. I wouldn’t have had the same experience at university as I had at CRC. The supportive learning environment of a college gave me the confidence and skills to make it on my own when the time was right”.

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