Why Invest in Professional Development?

Every employer wants a team of highly skilled employees, and it is increasingly argued that if you want to recruit and retain talented individuals, you must invest in their professional development. Evidence has shown that failing to invest in your staff can result in feelings of frustration that lead to a lack of employee engagement and the loss of talented people.

Join us as we explore the benefits of investing in your workforce and the positive impact this will have on your business. 

Building a Positive Reputation

Investing in your employees’ learning and development can boost your reputation as an employer who cares about their staff. In addition, offering employee development as part of the benefits of working for your company can help you to attract the best talent. 

An organisation that has a reputation for continued professional development will also be seen as a business that seeks to continually improve.


Attracting the top talent


The workplace has evolved, as hybrid or remote working become the norm. The clear line between work life and home life is no longer as clear cut. Employees feel they are making a greater personal investment as the two cross over, and in return they want to feel as though they are more than just a number.

When a job seeker sees that a company invests in employee development, they know that the company is much more likely to value them and want to see them grow both professionally and personally.

Recruiting candidates that demonstrate a desire to be developed means you will build a taskforce of enthusiastic, skilled people who will participate in development opportunities, and this will ultimately contribute to the success of the company. 

Building an engaged workforce

Employees that are not engaged don’t feel the same sense of connection or loyalty to their workplace as engaged employees, and they are more likely to seek alternative employment. Investing in employee development keeps your staff ream engaged as they learn new skills and have greater workplace opportunities. 

Remote working has added an additional barrier to keeping staff engaged with less opportunity for the social aspect of the office environment. Professional development creates opportunities for employees to form greater connections with one another by practicing new skills together. 


Growing a talented workforce


Developing your staff will result in greater performance and outputs which will benefit the business, and the more you train your team, the more successful they will be. Alongside this improved performance, you will be creating a pool of talented and loyal employees who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and work together to achieve positive results.

With increased confidence and a desire to continually improve, your developing workforce will be better placed to respond to changes in the market, contributing to company successes in the long term.

Incorporating Continued Professional Development into your appraisal process provides opportunity for a two-way discussion on identified skill gaps and what development opportunities the employee thinks they would benefit from. 

Your employees will feel they have a voice, and this will show your willingness to cater to their needs as well as those of the business.

Developing internal talent

Investing in employee development creates a clear path for employees to move within the organisation. 

Training and developing your staff will allow progression within the company through internal promotion. You will have an internal talent pool that is made up of individuals that are familiar with the company, that have been trained to meet the required skills and knowledge. 

Internal promotion will make your employee will feel rewarded for their hard work, and you will have someone in a more senior role that you know fits the culture of the organisation that can be further developed to meet the needs of the business.


Developing a culture of promotion and internal development will encourage employees to invest, work hard and go the extra mile, knowing that this approach will be rewarded with further training and development.  

Your return on investment


Investing in professional development often comes with a financial and time commitment and seeing a return on that investment takes time. This may appear to outweigh the benefits, however, developing a highly-skilled workforce will increase the efficiency of the business which in the long term will save money. 

Investing in the personal development of your staff will also result in increased staff retention, as people feel valued and invested in. Retaining a loyal workforce reduces the costs associated with recruitment, further increasing the benefits of training and development.  

If the initial outlay of professional development means that your staff are working more efficiently and stay with the company for many years, the return in investment actually outweighs the initial cost.

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