Supply Chain Fees Policy



The Chief Executive of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) must make the best use of resources when securing provision of education and training; due to this an additional requirement has been added to the Funding Rules. The requirement is for all lead contractors to have a Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy which is published on their websites. Additionally there is also a requirement to publish data annually detailing the actual level of funding paid to each partner; this has to be completed within 30 days of the ILR closing. These changes will ensure the SFA can monitor all fees and charges associated with sub-contracting to make sure enough funding is being allocated for providing high quality education and training.


Cambridge Regional College’s (CRC) vision; ‘is that all learners will progress into good jobs and careers as a result of the skills, knowledge and confidence that they have developed at CRC. Their experience of the College will be outstanding in all its aspects and every job at CRC will contribute to this. Learners and staff will be proud to be members of CRC and the College’s reputation will be excellent’. CRC has taken the strategic decision to subcontract a proportion of its provision to allow the college to broaden opportunities for all. CRC is dedicated to striving for excellence and widening its offer to meet the needs and requirements of both regional and national learners and employers, delivering to niche markets, utilising expertise, skills and specialism of others and overall offering high quality provision for all. CRC endeavours to work in partnership with all of its partners in the true sense of the word.


CRC is committed to working with all partners to ensure consistency in high quality provision; this will be achieved by the provision of support and guidance, observations of teaching, learning and assessment, bespoke and other training, partnership quality reviews, partnership meetings, Health and Safety checks, access to CRC resources and expertise, learner and employer feedback, learner and employer contribution into devising delivery programmes and involvement in annual self-assessment and development planning.

CRC aims to achieve as a minimum 5% above national average for both overall and timely success. CRC will expect all partners to be working to achieve the same results which will be monitored and final results will influence future contracting.


CRC retains a management fee for all of its subcontracted provision, the fees start at 20% and are subject to contract size and risk of the individual partner. The fee is deducted from the SFA national base rate for each qualification. The fees charged reflect the cost of the procurement process and the strategic and operational management of the contracts. The fees applied vary for each partner, dependant on a number of areas including but not limited to; experience of partner, proven track record, success rates (overall and timely), type of provision, Ofsted and audit performance (where relevant), references and risk rating as determined by the due diligence process. Partners are highly valued by CRC and therefore are provided with significant support and guidance and access to College Systems, including;

  • Dedicated Partnership Manager
  • Support and advice on Funding Rules and compliance
  • Regular updates in changes within policy, funding, government priorities and other relevant/useful information
  • Electronic uploads to PICS
  • Quality Review meetings
  • Joint Partner meetings involving all active partners
  • Annual Health and Safety Check
  • Access to College standardisation meetings to share good practice
  • Access to specialists including, but not exclusively, Quality, Health, Safety and Welfare, Human Resources, Finance, Management Information, Teaching and Learning
  • Meetings with Senior Management Team as required
  • Meetings with College Management Group members as required
  • Observations of Teaching and Learning
  • Bespoke paperwork which is fit for purpose
  • Quality assurance checks including unannounced and announced visits and audits on paperwork
  • Continuous professional development opportunities, bespoke and other training/qualifications
  • Access to data and bespoke reports as required and requested by partner from a dedicated MIS system
  • Opportunities to work on joint new opportunities e.g. joint tendering on financial bids and joint delivery of new qualifications
  • Support in sourcing additional funding sources as required
  • Opportunities to deliver joint events/training sessions for CRC and partners learners/employers
  • Involvement in events run at or by the College


CRC does not require partners to submit invoices for payment of funding. Payments are made to each partner on a monthly basis at the end of the following month in which the activity is successfully processed and uploaded to the SFA.

CRC will calculate the monthly payment to the partner based on the level of income received from the SFA in that month multiplied by the percentage agreed in the call-off contract.

A payment schedule is submitted to each partner for approval prior to payment being released. Each partner will check the data and payment amounts and approve this prior to payment being processed.

Payments are made via BACS.


The policy is available online at and can be made available in hard copy as requested. The policy will be discussed as part of the planning and preparation for 2015/16.


The policy will be reviewed yearly and/or when significant changes in the Funding Rules occur.


CRC will publish data detailing the actual level of funding paid to each partner annually and within 30 days of the ILR closing.






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