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CRC student finds success in the Travel and Tourism Industry

A combination of work and study in Travel and Tourism put Camilla on track for a successful future in the industry.

After completing her GCSEs at Impington Village College, Camilla opted to complete A-Levels at Long Road Sixth Form College. In spite of her hard work and persistence, it became clear that the academic style of learning was not right for Camilla, and at the end of her first year, she made the decision to leave the sixth form.

Upon exploring alternative approaches to higher education, Camilla turned her attention to combining her studies with workplace experience. She enrolled on the Level 3 Travel and Tourism course at CRC, which is made up of three days a week in college and two days a week working in the industry, attending work placement. With the support of her Industry Placement Coordinator, Camilla secured a position with a local travel firm after a successful CV application and interview process.

Camilla said, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had only met my tutor once before enrolling, but I was pleasantly surprised by the syllabus and the style of learning. I was a lot more at ease and felt more in control than I had previously”.

In the workplace, Camilla found that she was thriving on being thrown in at the deep end of the tour operating industry. She discovered that she had a natural flair for the business and that working in the industry was helping with her college studies, as she found she was often more knowledgeable than her peers due to her practical experience.

Within just four months of working with Premier Holidays, Camilla was offered a summer vacancy with potential for this to become a full-time position, upon completion of her studies, and she describes the moment she received the news as being up there as one of the best feelings, “It gave me a great sense of achievement. I felt that all my hard work had finally paid off and it made me realise how good I am at my job, being offered a fantastic opportunity at just 18 years of age and within such a short time frame”.

Although Camilla finds managing her time between working and studying a little stressful, she also finds it very rewarding and doesn’t regret her decision to change direction with her education and career,  “My advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship, with study, would be to grab the opportunity with both hands and give it everything you have. You will be surprised where it gets you. The hard work pays off”. 

Looking ahead, Camilla plans to grow and expand her knowledge of the tour operator industry and branch out to other travel destinations, such as Australia. Once she has settled into her career, Camilla will re-visit her dream of becoming a UK Border Force Officer.   


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