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Welfare & Support


Your physical and mental wellbeing can affect your learning. Should you ever need to talk to
someone confidentially about issues that may be creating barriers to success, our Welfare and Support Team, based in The Hub is here to help.

The team can offer support and advice on a number of areas including:

  • Safeguarding yourself and others whilst at CRC
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual health
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sexuality and identity
  • Healthy Relationships
  • And being a young carer or young parent

The team also works with a large amount of outside agencies and charities that support the service that is already provided. If we can’t support you fully or we identify that you may need some extra support, we will work with your to refer or signpost you to one of our partner services

Commitment to Supporting your mental health & Wellbeing

‘Every year, one in ten young people experience a mental health problem and one in five young people aged 16-24 experience a common mental illness such as anxiety or depression; and 75% of adults with a diagnosable mental health problem experience their first symptoms before the age of 24.’ (AOC 2019)

CRC is working with the Association of Colleges to pledge our commitment to the mental wellbeing of staff and students by signing up to the AOC Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter, created by the Association of Colleges, in conjunction with FE colleges and mental health experts.

The Transitions Team

The Transitions Team at Cambridge Regional College supports learners with a variety of different needs. We aim to reduce barriers that may stop learners applying to college or may mean they withdraw early due to not finding the right support fast enough.

Young Carers

We understand being both a young carer and a student can be difficult at times. We’ll do all we can to support and advise you whilst you’re with us.

Young carers look after someone (normally in their family) who has an illness, a disability, mental ill-health or a problem with drugs or alcohol. They might take on caring tasks that an adult would normally do.

This is how we can help you get the best out of your time at college:

  • We can let your tutors know that you care for someone so you don’t have to keep explaining your situation
  • Your tutors will support you to make sure you’re on track to do well on your course
  • Coursework and resources will be available online
  • You will be able to make urgent telephone calls to home
  • Support and advice is confidential
  • We work closely with young carers’ services and can put you in touch with them and other support services.

We have two members of staff who have special responsibility for young carers. They will contact you when you enrol to let you know who they are and can put support in place for you, if you wish.

We respect your privacy and – with your permission – will only share information about you with people who need to know.

Young Fathers or Fathers to be

By registering with the Welfare Adviser, young dads and dads-to be will be offered additional support and options during their time at College.

Bursary Support

Money matters shouldn’t stop you from coming to College which is why our Bursary and Finance Team is available to advise you on sources of financial help including any bursaries or support funds that may be available to you.

Find out more about Bursary Support here

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