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Supported Learning – Preparing for Adulthood

At Cambridge Regional College, we place great importance on providing education and support at all levels. Our Supported Learning programmes are designed to help young people develop their life skills, independence and employability skills.  They enable young people to access their community and manage their health and wellbeing needs.

Our courses at both Cambridge and Huntingdon campuses are personalised and help our learners prepare for their adult lives.

Gateway to Improving Choice

The Gateway/IC pathway is for young people aged 16 – 24 who have a variety of complex needs. They may have ASD, high sensory needs and limited communication skills. This pathway is uniquely built around the learner, their needs and their plans for the future. 

Learning for Life: Pre Entry – Entry Level 1

Learning for Life is for young people aged 16 – 24 who have severe learning difficulties. This pathway concentrates on developing communication skills, community participation, building basic skills and skills for life, so that each person is able to make progress in their independence and ability to speak up about their own choices.

Aspire: Entry Level 1 – Entry Level 2

Aspire is a pathway for learners that need to build their skills to move on to the pathways that have more accredited learning within them.  Aspire can be a finishing course for Learning for Life learners or a starting course for those that want to move on through the Entry 2 and Entry 3 pathways but may lack the confidence or ability in basic skills.

Preparation for Independence: Entry Level 2

Preparation for Independence.  This pathway is a good starting point for learners who have moderate learning difficulties or for those learners who have successfully completed our Aspire pathway.

Archway: Entry Level 3

Archway is an Entry Level 3 pathway suitable for learners with moderate or specific leaning difficulties, who need time to develop their confidence, social skills and ability to study with greater independence.  A mixture of business, employability, enterprise and life skills this course is an excellent starting point for learners who are joining from mainstream or special schools and have already gained Entry 2 qualifications.

Vocational Pathways: Entry Level 3 – Level 1

In Supported learning we have 5 vocational pathways. All are 3 days per week with work experience organised on a non-college day.  The vocational pathways are all 1 or 2 years in length, (3 years catering only) with a view that they lead on to employment or supported internship.

Pathways are:

 Catering and Hospitality based at St John’s College, Cambridge: Entry Level 3 and Level 1

Small Animal Care: Entry Level 3 and Level 1

Retail: Level 1

Hospitality: Level 1

Land Based Operations: Level 1

Supported Internship

Supported Interns have two days placed with a suitable employer where they are taught carefully and systematically to do the job to a high standard.  Learners are fully supported to start and are gradually offered less support so they become more independent.  Travel training is also part of the offer.

Adult For All (Part-Time)

This programme offers students the opportunity to learn a practical skill whilst improving and maintaining basic skills.  Students can choose from the following areas of interest and can attend for one or two days a week.  There is a one-off college registration fee of £35 for the Adult For All Programme plus a fee for each subject chosen. For information, contact the Head of Supported Learning programmes, Alison Goold, on

Claire Hawkes

Supportive Education
Claire started college on an Independent Living Skills programme where she became confident enough to travel independently and improved her social and communication skills. She carried out a successful work placement in the college’s Marketing Department as part of a Supported Internship and has now progressed to a full-time Level 1 programme at CRC.

“I loved working with everyone in the college Marketing Department during my work experience and I’m very proud of my award for Most Improved Employability Skills.”

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