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Cambridge Regional College will safeguard (look after) its learners, staff and visitors. This means that staff will make sure that learners feel safe and supported whilst at college. We will also keep staff and visitors safe whilst working or visiting the College.

All Cambridge Regional College staff are responsible for safeguarding in College, regardless of role or level of contact with learners, and staff are trained to take preventative and practical actions to keep everyone safe. Each learner is supported by a tutor who will help them with coursework and general wellbeing. The college has a senior manager responsible for safeguarding, a Safeguarding Co-ordinator and a number of welfare staff in Student Services, all who support learners’ wellbeing and safety.

You are given information about safeguarding in college and information about how to make positive choices so that you can keep safe. You are also able to report abuse to trained Child Protection/Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adult officers, who can be contacted via Student Services (see contact details below).

The college has a number of safeguarding plans to ensure safe practices are included in the day-to-day working for our learners, staff and visitors. This means that we have a range of actions to make sure that the College environment is safe.

Safeguarding information is available on the college’s Virtual Learning Environment and is also available on request via the Student Services Centre at the college.

If you have a concern about a learner at Cambridge Regional College please contact one of the Designated Child Protection and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Officers during office hours:

CRC Safeguarding Email Address
CRC Safeguarding Telephone Number 01223 418200

Out of hours please call: 01733 234 724



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