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Financial Support

If you are concerned about the financial costs associated with your course, CRC may be able to help via the CRC Bursaries.  

A bursary is a form of financial support that, if eligible, support you with essential college costs, that you do not have to pay back.

Depending on your age and circumstances you may be eligible for one or more of the following CRC Bursaries:

For further information on bursaries and whether you are eligible download our Bursary Guidance 20-21.

You can apply for financial support by completing an Application Form. 

Once completed please email the application along with ALL pages of the documents that you are providing as evidence to Eligible documents are listed on the form.

If you are applying for support with childcare via the 19+ or Advanced Learner Loan Bursary you will also need to complete a childcare assessment form

We are unable to process incomplete applications, which includes those with missing documents, and this may result in delaying the award. 

Photocopies of financial evidence will need to be provided with your application to demonstrate a gross annual household income of £28,000 or less.  Demand for support often exceeds funding available, so learners are encouraged to apply early. 

An application does not guarantee an award will be made.  

In order to ensure any relevant payments are sent directly to the student, we will need bank details for an account in the student’s name.
Please note: we do not accept account details for any persons other than the applying student.



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