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Our Cambridge Campus has some of the best facilities of any Further Education college in the country, thanks to a £23 million development programme. We have purpose-built art and design studios, a magnificent £9 million motor vehicle centre, fantastic hair and beauty salons, state-of-the-art catering kitchens, modern construction and engineering departments and much, much more to encourage learning and nurture success.

Students have a number of eateries to choose from, including a refectory, Costa Coffee cafe, a sandwich shop and bistro. The students’ lounge provides a chill-out area with comfy chairs, games machines, TV screens and music, and there are free lunchtime sessions in the sports centre as well as a host of other enrichment activities on offer.

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It is our intention that the maximum class size be 15. However, at the start of a course it may be the case there are up to 16 students enrolled.

Cambridge is a wonderful city in which you will experience both the rich history of England and the best of what contemporary life in the UK has to offer. It is a city that respects the past, lives in the present and looks to the future. Today the city is inspiring thousands of Cambridge students, a new generation of artists and leads the way in new and emerging technology.

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After Arrival in the UK

Please familiarise yourself with our International Pre-Departure Guide before you travel to Cambridge. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our International Centre.

If you would like us to arrange an airport transfer for you please complete this form and return it to

If you arrive at college during working hours (8:30-17:00) you will be directed by reception to the International Centre for registration. Please ensure you have all of your necessary documents including your passport, original copies of qualification certificates, your offer letter and any pre-arranged accommodation information.

You will be provided with a student Identity Card and must keep this on when you are on college premises. Although it is best if you can arrive during office hours, we understand various factors including airport delays and so forth may lead to a later than anticipated arrival.



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