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Students’ Union

All students enrolled on a CRC course are members of the CRC Students’ Union, which is run by students and has four main functions: Representation, Campaigns, Clubs & Societies and Events & Activities.


The CRC Students’ Union Executive Committee is made up of seven officer who are voted in through elections held in March/April each year. The committee roles are: President, Campaigns Officer (Vice President), Health, Safety and Welfare Officer, Events & Activities Officer, Environment & Sustainability Officer, Media & Communications Officer and International Affairs Officer.

The Committee represents students on a number of cross-college committees to inform decisions that affect student life.


The CRC Students’ Union runs campaigns and awareness days/weeks on a range of issues that affect students. These include Freshers’ Fair, Student Induction, Black History Month and Safeguarding month.

Clubs & Societies

All students are invited to join or organise a club within college. Funding is available for groups who wish to develop a Club or Society.

Events & Activities

The CRC Students’ Union organises, participates in and sponsors a number of cross college activities and events. Any student who wants to plan or organise an event is invited to discuss this with a SU Executive Committee member.

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