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Passport to Success

At Cambridge Regional College you will achieve more than qualifications. Each full time programme of study will help you to develop the skills necessary for successful progression and employment. Our badge of quality is called Passport to Success.

The three elements of the Passport to Success are: Knowledge and Skills; Professional Abilities; and Behaviours and Values. Employers and universities expect high performance in all of these aspects in the well-rounded individuals they look to recruit and promote. At CRC we provide programmes that aim to develop your skills across these areas and you will be encouraged to build a personal profile of evidence of your skills.

Our Passport to Success will give you a distinct advantage when it is time for you to progress to further and higher studies, or to employment.

“Thank you so much for all of your help and your wonderful teaching.”

Knowledge and Skills

Specialist skills are vital in every industry, from using state of the art engineering equipment to developing computer games on the latest software or learning the latest Beauty Therapy techniques. We will help you achieve work relevant qualifications and develop your knowledge and understanding of best practices in your chosen work sector so you become skilled, confident and enterprising. The specific specialist skills you’ll gain are listed against each course in the full time prospectus.

Equally important to employers in every sector are Maths and English skills. Research and feedback from employers and higher education institutions demonstrates that maths and English skills are the key factor to gaining and processing in a good career. For these reasons, government policy is that every young person who leaves school without at least a C grade in Maths, English or both MUST continue to study these subjects and work towards a C grade GCSE. For those who have not achieved A-C grades, study for a relevant qualification (GCSE for those with a D) is a compulsory part of the study programme. At CRC, we go further and ensure that ALL learners have the opportunity to further develop the English and Maths skills relevant to their chosen progression route – even if you have achieved A-C.

IT skills are now identified as a given expectation of a skilled employee in the modern workplace. Digital technology will be one of the ways that you will learn specialist skills and you will use technology and develop your skills as you learn. Where specific IT skills are expected in your sector, they will be part of your specialist qualification.


Professional Abilities

We pride ourselves in supporting you to develop skills that show employers you’re confident, capable and ready for work – a professional. Through valuable work experience, projects and learning in realistic, industry-standard environments, you will learn how to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the professional abilities expected in the modern workplace.

You’ll develop the vital extra skills that employers want such as excellent attendance and punctuality, enterprise, good communication skills, effective teamwork, problem-solving, self-management and responsibility. You will be able to apply practical skills competently to workplace situations and leave the college an enthusiastic, work ready, self-confident professional ready to go into employment.


Behaviour and Values

Even those with good specialist skills, English and maths qualifications and effective professional abilities will not succeed without a positive and respectful approach to work and to other people. At CRC we will support you to understand the behaviours and values that are expected in a modern, global economy and which will ensure you are a respected citizen as well as a valued employee. We will enable you to understand and know how to demonstrate your understanding and positive regard for diversity, your energy and enthusiasm, resilience and commitment. We will provide opportunities for you to evidence your social and personal responsibility. These are the behaviours and values that will enable you to stand out from others in the competitive jobs market

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