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English & Maths

Improve your GCSE grades

As a full-time student at the college, you will continue to develop your English and maths skills through your studies as well as your vocational and/or occupational skills. Students who have yet to achieve Grade C/4 in English or maths will study either or both at GCSE level as part of their main course. We would normally expect you to have achieved a Grade D/3 at school to join a GCSE English or maths class. If you have a lower grade than this, or if you have not yet taken GCSE examinations, you will still work towards achieving at Grade C/4 by the time you finish college.

English and maths will form part of your personalised learning plan and your knowledge will be tested through externally set assessments.

Our aim is to enable you to show you can apply some of the skills you have already learned in your previous study of English and maths to your other studies and at work. For example, you may know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply, but could you apply them to a fundraising event, plumbing a house, organising a rock concert, running a business or applying to university? You may have to write a letter, talk to customers, present a business plan, research a venue or complete your UCAS application.

Our intermediate and advanced level Apprenticeship programmes deliver these through Functional Skills qualifications. All Apprenticeship frameworks include a requirement to achieve at least at a particular level in order to successfully complete the Apprenticeship programme.



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