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Professional Development opportunity equips Isobel with BSL skills

Isobel DeWolff, Learnign Support Mentor
Isobel DeWolff, Learning Support Mentor

Isobel DeWolff is a Learning Support Mentor with Cambridge Regional College’s construction department. As part of her Continued Professional Development Isobel’s line manager highlighted The British Sign Language course as a learning opportunity that would support her in her role.

Isobel is required to work with students of all abilities and varying needs. This coupled with her desire to learn a new skill is what led her to take on the challenge of learning to use sign language.

Isobel said, “As a result of the course, I feel that I have an understanding of how to structure questions using the signs for what, how and where, meaning that I am able to communicate with users of sign language on a basic level. I occasionally find myself working with students who prefer to use sign or are hard of hearing and this course has given me confidence to communicate with students in different ways.  I now feel able to support students who use sign language as a preferred method of communication.”

The British Sign Language course is delivered fully in sign language, with an interpreter for support, to encourage a greater level of learning. As the course progresses, the interpreter participates less and less so that the learners can focus on the communication skills used in BSL, further embedding their learning. 

Isobel added, “I found it important to attend every session as the course delivers a lot in quite a short space of time. I also found that practising at home really helped me to get the most out of the course. I would definitely recommend this course. I have learned a lot and really feel like I can communicate the basics in sign language. It was enjoyable and I am definitely considering going for my level 1!”

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