We’re Looking for Community Projects

A team of hard-working volunteers are looking for community projects to do as part of their Prince’s Trust programme – and even offering to pay the costs involved.

Youngsters on the Prince’s Trust programme at Cambridge Regional College are volunteering to clear land, dig, paint, build and plant for a worthy cause. And they plan to raise money for their transformation project through raffles and cake stalls.

Alison Jakes, Faculty Director and head of the Prince’s Trust programme at CRC, said team members were prepared to roll up their sleeves and work hard to help a good cause.

“We’re looking for a community centre, a public garden or a project that can’t be completed due to lack of time or money – something that the team members can work on for two weeks during their 12-week Prince’s Trust programme,” she said.

“Community work is an important part of the whole ethos of the Prince’s Trust and we have been involved with some really worthwhile projects in the past, including creating a sensory garden for pupils at Meldreth Manor School.

“We’re even offering to pay any costs involved – we will raise the money through sponsored events, raffles, quizzes and cake stalls.”

Previous projects have included highly-praised work on a children’s playground and transforming derelict allotments into perfect vegetable plots, with the students raising around £300 each time to pay for materials.

The team is looking for a range of projects for the next year, with the first one due to start in October. If you have a potential project, contact CRC on 01223 418587.

The Prince’s Trust programme is a free 12-week, action-packed course for 16 to 25 year-olds, which focuses on gaining the skills needed to get a job or progress to an apprenticeship or further education course. To find out more about the programme, or to apply, see www.camre.ac.uk/faculties/princes-trust/

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