Team 38 – Camtrust

Team 38 decided to complete two projects within the community, half the team going to St George’s Church and the other half going to Camtrust in Impington.


Camtrust is a charity that gives students with learning disabilities the life skills to help them become more independent. Sgt Robert Taylor reports on a week of very hard, but satisfying work – with great results!

“At the rear of the building was a car park with a seriously overgrown garden area which was not used at all and made the area look really untidy and uncared for. There was also a lot of potential for this area to be used by the students to be able to grow their own vegetables which they could then use to cook with – but the area had clearly been left for a long period of time and was in need of some major work. The team realised that the majority of their work would be to cut back and dig out the foliage and then to create some raised beds for the students to use.


Week 1 was all about manual labour but it was not until the team started cutting back the foliage that they really grasped the amount of work involved. The weather was poor but they manged to continue digging for most of the week and made a real impact on the area. They also spent time planning what sort of raised beds to make and how they were going to make them, remembering that some of the users of the site were wheelchair-bound and as such the raised beds needed to be higher. They put their mathematical brains into gear and worked out the volume of the raised beds and planned and designed them, creating a shopping list for everything they needed.


Week 2 started with more digging to make sure they were ready for the raised beds, allowing them on Tuesday to collect all of the items needed and paint the wood. On Wednesday the weather took a turn for the worse, so the group joined the St George’s team back at CRC and the day was spent making raised beds, with a very efficient factory line. On Friday the team returned to the Camtrust site to deliver the raised beds, placing them into the garden – but soon realised another small tree needed to be removed to allow light onto the beds and got straight to work on it. While two people removed the tree, the others set about moving over a tonne of soil into the beds so that the students could begin to grow their vegetables.”


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