An Outdoor Makeover

What’s it like working on a Prince’s Trust project? Find out what Team 37 did to transform the outdoor space at Darwin Nurseries…

During their time at Darwin Nurseries, Team 37 found themselves battling through sizzling temperatures and clammy humidity but despite the conditions they pushed on and managed to complete the tasks they were set – clearing weeds to make way for permaculture beds, digging and creating the beds, putting down a woodchip path between the allotments and even clearing a pond area outside the farm shop.

On the first day the team had to clear the space that was to be transformed into three beds for planting wallflowers or vegetables which could then be sold to customers. The team was split into three groups, and the tasks were divided out. Some team members helped staff clear weeds, dig a bed and get rid of slugs that had found their way onto the crops, while others cleared all the straw so that three beds could be made – a task which required a lot of shovelling and going backwards and-forwards with the wheelbarrows. To the team’s delight, they completed the tasks by the end of the day.

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The next day, the team started work on making the beds and the path that would go between the allotments, along with removing weeds from the outer perimeter of the garden. Creating the path proved to be extremely time -consuming, taking up six of the project’s eight days and requiring practically every team member to help.  It may have taken a lot of time and effort to make but when it was completed it looked fantastic.

On top of the major work on the path, the team had to complete a number of other tasks – removing weeds from the outer perimeter, creating an area for pumpkins and removing nettles and thistles from the pond.

At the end of the project, the team members were guests at a presentation organised by Darwin Nurseries where some of the service users thanked everyone and gave the team thank-you cards and a folder of photos to mark the completion of the project. To round off the day, team members helped feed the on-site chickens, goats and pigs.

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