Hinton Grange

On week five of the programme, half of the team carried out a community project at a care home. This artcile by assistant team leader Kieran Doherty follows the work done at Hinton Grange Care Home in Cherry Hinton.

“When the team first visited the care home it was clearly a place with a very friendly welcoming atmosphere, however parts of the garden didn’t reflect this and so the team were keen to get to work. Kathryn Bagnall, the new manager of the home was also enthusiastic for work to begin.  .

Over the course of the week the team worked really hard to make the biggest improvements possible, adding loads of colour to the garden. They tidied, cleaned and painted across the garden adding more detailed refurbishments to those areas that really needed it.

One of their main objectives whilst on the project was to improve the experience of the outdoors for the patients suffering from dementia. They did this by creating a sensory garden for those particular residents.  This included  different plants that have unique sensory qualities such as, mint, thyme, rosemary and many more.

They also refurbished a pond that had been erected in memory of a resident. They sanded, cleaned, painted, re-lined, and filled the pond area with fresh water, giving the feature a new lease of life.

In order to add more colour to the garden the group planted flowers in raised flower beds, hanging baskets and around the garden perimeter. They did the majority of this planting in front of a sitting room where the residents could look out and see all of the flowers.

Below, we see the whole team proudly standing underneath a pergola that they all worked extremely hard throughout the course of the week to renovate. Overall, the team worked really hard and the staff at Hinton Grange were really pleased. The team are now looking forward to revisiting the care home to enjoy the fruits of their labour by having a BBQ with staff and residents.”

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