Centre 33

Hard work transformed Centre 33’s outdoor spaces when Team 37 stepped in. Frances Hall reports:

While students on Team 37 were in the middle of their community project at Darwin Nursery there was an opportunity for five team members to go to Centre 33 in Cambridge and clear their courtyard of all the unwanted weeds, remove the vines which had grown up the wall and paint the wall once it had been cleared.

When the team arrived, the courtyard was completely overgrown and there wasn’t very much space to work in, but they set to and worked exceptionally hard, taking only one break throughout the whole day and making sure that they got rid of every last piece of plant that wasn’t wanted.


The courtyard – before and after Team 37’s hard work

The next task was to clear the side of the building, also extremely overgrown and dirty, but nothing a pair of branch cutters couldn’t handle, and it didn’t take long before the side of the building was clear.

The team used a bucket and sponge to wipe down the walls, getting rid of any leftover dirt or snails that were clinging onto them. When it had dried they applied two coats of paint – and more to any parts that required it.


The side of the building – before and after

The courtyard looked great when the team had finished all their hard work. The final part of the day was to show it off to the employees of Centre 33 and see what they thought. Before the team left, Centre 33 took a group picture which will be used in their newsletter.

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