Team 38 – St George’s Church

Team 38 decided to complete two projects within the community, half the team going to St George’s Church and the other half going to Camtrust in Impington. St George’s is a large old church which has a hall attached and large gardens; they have opened their doors to the community with a variety of users from a lunch club to circus skills class. Sgt Robert Taylor reports on a transformation project.

St George’s Church

“Due to the age of the church and its condition, there were a number of projects to be completed on the site. The church office was filled with all sorts of items found around the church and the hall, and they all needed to be removed and an inventory created. A small loft in the hall area had also been used to dump various items, which needed tidying and an inventory created.

The vestry was in poor condition and desperately needed to be painted and brightened up; it had wallpaper falling of the wall and was a cold and uninviting place. Another small room used for storage had a massive damp problem and was really dirty, and needed a face lift as well as old cupboards being removed. The last part of the project was to look at the garden where ivy had been growing up the side of the church, pulling the pointing out of the brickwork.

stg1 stg2

During the first week the team repainted the ceiling – which took two coats – and the walls in the vestry, which took three. While some members where doing this the others went into the office and began removing items and boxing them up, ensuring everything was listed and accounted for. They noticed some of the furniture had woodworm and destroyed it to stop it infecting other valuable items within the church.

stg3 stg4

Work progressed quickly in the second week, with one team dealing with the loft and finding all sorts of items up there, again making sure there was an inventory but more importantly that it was tidy and extra room was created, allowing extra storage. Another team went into the small room and removed all the items, put damp proofing paint on to the wall to prevent further damage and then painted all the walls. While doing that they also went back to the vestry and painted the safe with specialist paint to ensure the whole vestry looked as good as it could. On the last day of the project they managed to get into the garden area and clear the border of weeds, and cut back all the ivy on the walls. The team also took a day out of their schedule to help their colleagues at Camtrust.”



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