Merger Consultation – Your Questions

If you have any questions which have not been answered by the Consultation Document, we hope the following questions and answers will be helpful.

The new merged college will provide major benefits to students across the region, with increased employer links ensuring they are taught the skills businesses need. Improved access to high quality learning and training will mean enhanced progression opportunities for a wider range of students.

Students will have improved access to a wide range of high quality learning and training opportunities through the merged college and course design will be more closely linked to the skills required for rewarding and fulfilling careers, especially in occupations where there are skills shortages.

The college will increase its employer links and employer involvement in learning provision to ensure enhanced vocational and employability skills and improved career prospects for students. It will also provide increased opportunities for progression to further levels of learning for students, including Higher Apprenticeships, Higher Education courses and university.

Yes, providing high quality study and personal support is a key commitment of both colleges and will continue after the merger.

Yes. The governing body and senior management team are committed to developing a wide range of courses and learning opportunities at Huntingdon.

The merger will provide greater strength to both colleges’ work with employers. We will provide a wider range of training programmes and a single point of contact for all your training needs.

The proposed merger is not expected to change significantly the curriculum that is offered at HRC or CRC in 2017/18. Reviews will take place at both colleges to ensure that the curriculum being offered matches employer demands and career opportunities in the region.

This is highly unlikely. There are no current plans to move any curriculum that is being delivered at HRC to CRC in 2017/18 or vice versa. Retention and recruitment of staff to deliver the planned curriculum at each college remains one of the key priorities of the senior management teams and governing bodies

No. HRC will remain but will be known as Cambridge Regional College – Huntingdon Campus. The governing body and senior management team are committed to keeping a good range of courses and learning opportunities at Huntingdon.

We will continue to provide bus transport to HRC for 2017/18 at the same terms and conditions as this year. Costs of bus transport for the years following 2017/18 will be reviewed.

The two colleges will be holding a consultation period of one month from 1 April seeking views from all interested parties. A statutory notice will be published in The Guardian, Cambridge News and Hunts Post newspapers inviting people to review a consultation document, which will be available on both CRC and HRC websites. Opinions can be offered on the proposed merger through this process and a report on the responses will be published in June 2017.

Cambridge Campus Status

The Cambridge Campus is open as normal.

Huntingdon Campus Status

The Huntingdon Campus is open as normal.