Film & TV

Our Film and Television programme is one of the most popular of our Media courses and our talented students progress into industry or to university. The course provides an in-depth introduction to the  creative, theoretical and technical skills the industry needs. Work experience and live briefs are a key aspect of this exciting programme.

Students have their own Film and TV production company, Red Chair Productions, which works with clients. One particularly outstanding production was the ground-breaking “Question Cambridgeshire”, where students worked with Shape Your Place to produce, direct and film a live studio debate between county councillors. The hour-long debate was a resounding success – and brought this reaction from one observer…

“Well done to students (and their teachers & mentors) for producing such a professional production of ‘Question Cambridgeshire’ – our first local version of Question Time. To make it crystal clear, this wasn’t a simulation or some sort of ‘staged learning experience’ for young people: this was the real deal. This was local politicians being put on the spot by students at the college in a production filmed inside the college’s in house TV studio – fully equipped with the sort of equipment you would expect to see in a small professional media firm. And unlike me with digital media at the moment, they knew how to use their kit.” Antony Carpen

You can see the full video of “Question Cambridgeshire” here –

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