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Media Make-up

Cambridge Regional College is one of only a few colleges in the country to offer full-time courses in Media Make-up. Studying Media Make-up opens up a whole range of exciting careers, from working for prestigious make-up companies to employment in the film and television industry as a special effects make-up expert.

Our students have access to state-of-the-art studios and work closely with other students in areas such as hairdressing, media and fashion. Students regularly compete and win in regional and national competitions – including taking first place in the Royal Opera House Design Challenge – putting them at the very top of their field.

Great Reasons to choose Media Make-up at CRC?

  • Students compete – and win – at national level
  • Training by industry experts
  • Outstanding levels of work
  • Great career opportunities in film & TV
  • Superb training facilities

“I have a passion for make-up, always have done. I would like to work as a SFX make-up artist working on film sets. This course really helps as I learn how to deal with clients on a professional level, as well as learning about dierent make-up skills and styles, professional tools and techniques and the make-up of various cultures.”

Grace Fox - Level 2 Media Make-up

“The products, the facilities and the equipment that we have on this course are exactly what we’d use in industry, so it’s just perfect for us to get a head start”

Evie Cox - Level 3 Media Make Up

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