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How to Manage Results Anxiety

Many students suffer from results anxiety, even those who achieve the best grades! The unknown, uncertainty and big changes are enough to put even the most confident students on edge. We’re reaching out to all of you who are apprehensive about GCSE Results Day to reassure you that whatever your results, there are always options.  

It’s important to reflect on the challenges you faced during these exams. When the whole world stopped, you didn’t! You have faced the difficulties of online learning, returning to classrooms with restrictions – and just as things seem like they are returning to normal, Year 11 is over!  

Did you know? Exam boards will be taking this into consideration while marking your papers, meaning grading will be more generous than previous years.

Here are our 3 top tips to help you manage your anxiety between now and results day: 


Be sure to reward your efforts this summer.

Celebrate your achievements with your peers and make the most of the nice weather. The fresh air will help calm your nerves and spending time with friends will be a good distraction from Results Day. 


It’s important that you are eating and sleeping well. 

This will put you in a better mindset and help you make well-informed decisions.  
Don’t forget! Your school teachers and advisors will be available to answer any questions and provide any guidance you may need. 


There are always people you can go to for support.

Speak to family or friends and be honest about how you are feeling, they will be very understanding about the stress you have been under and proud of you for doing your best. Be sure to invite somebody you trust to pick up your results with you and provide support. 

You are worth celebrating! The dedication and resilience required to power through such a difficult time is a quality that cannot be taught in a classroom; and its exactly what your future employers are looking for! 

What about once you receive your results? 

We offer various levels of vocational courses and apprenticeships which means you learn work ready skills in our workshops and studios; getting you prepared for the future. Whether you results are better than expected or not as you’d hoped, we are here to help! 

Advice Cafés

We are here to support you if you want to speak to a Careers Advisor or find out what your next steps could be. Our Advice Café is open for visitors on both campuses, or if you would prefer to you can call or email us for guidance. 


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