Life after CELTA

Giulia – now teaching in northern Italy

“Taking the CELTA course has been a turning point in my life. I loved the course and enjoyed teaching a lot more than I would have thought. After the course I moved to Italy, my home country, and within a few months I had several private customers and I had been contacted by several English schools. I didn’t realise there would be so much request for qualified English teachers. Currently, I’m working in a language school twice a week and I’m working with my own students the rest of the week. Having a small child, I prefer the flexibility of managing the schedule, however, I could work full time for the school if I wanted. I also do “breakfast” and “aperitif” in English at a local cafè/bar from time to time and clients love it! CELTA has opened up plenty of opportunities in my country where finding work would have been difficult. I love teaching and my students are always enthusiastic about my lessons which is really rewarding.”

Dan – now teaching in Galicia, Spain

“Enrolling on the CELTA course and entering the TEFL world has been an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed the course itself which was really helped by the fact the tutors were extremely professional and loved what they were doing. Once I finished the course, I started teaching at a local language school in Cambridge before moving abroad to Santiago de Compostela in the Galician region of Spain. Here, I have been able to sample some of the best food I have ever eaten and been able to develop my own language skills. I currently work at a fantastic language school within a very reputable company that allows you to work anywhere in the world. The satisfaction you gain from teaching is above that of any profession I have worked before and it is a job that you can fall in love with.”

Beatrix (and Bryony) – now teaching in Vietnam

“After doing the part-time CELTA (which I would highly recommend!), I worked for a few weeks at a residential language school in England over the summer. Looking for jobs can seem overwhelming as there is so much out there, but you just have to trawl through all the terrible 30-hour week contracts to find the good ones. I applied for a few jobs abroad but ended up coming out to Vietnam with Bryony who I did the CELTA course with. We work at a private language school that has centres all over the country and is a member of International House. I mainly teach kindergarten and kids, with a few teenagers thrown in to keep me grounded. I didn’t think I’d enjoy teaching children so much, but my favourite classes are probably my kindergarten classes. Vietnam is amazing (and cheap), with lots of delicious street food to keep us going. Although here in the North it is surprisingly cold in the winter. The Vietnamese children are adorable and the local staff are always eager to show us around their beautiful country – I would recommend it to anyone.”  

Greg – now teaching ESOL in Essex after working in South Korea

“I took the blended CELTA option (online with teaching practice) in 2017 and learnt so much from the tutors at CRC.  The training was invaluable, as every aspect of the course can be used later when teaching.   I had a short period of teaching in South Korea afterwards which was a great experience.  In Korea they have an after-school academy system called Hagwon… I was teaching elementary & middle school students and also had 1:1 lessons with adults.  The kids were just wonderful – so enthusiastic, and they were very strong in grammar and reading.  If you have the CELTA, there is plenty of demand for work there.  After that, I have been doing voluntary work with a migrant and refugee support charity based in Essex.  My main involvement has been to tutor the English My Way programme for early literacy skills development and to teach adults from the ESOL Skills for Life national curriculum.  It has been an extremely rewarding and fun experience – your learners really appreciate you and I also learn from them.  The best part is seeing their eyes light up when they can use new language for the first time!”

James – now teaching in Toruń, Poland

“CELTA is undeniably a lot of hard work in a very condensed time frame, however it is immensely rewarding and I wouldn’t be where I was today were it not for the tireless efforts of my tutors. I chose the full-time course, and the guidance and insight that I received from my tutors holds true even today. After an amazing (and slightly manic!) 7 weeks at summer school in the UK, I headed off to Poland to work for a school that I knew would offer me the support I needed to fully develop as a first year teacher. Teaching adults is scary enough to start with and yet I’ve now got two kids classes, several young teenage classes and three adult 1-on-1s; and I couldn’t be happier! Each class has their own little quirks which means that no day is ever exactly the same. One of the most satisfying aspects of teaching is knowing that your lessons can have a positive impact on their lives and having a genuine sense of self-fulfilment.”

Angela – now teaching in Bologna, Italy

“Both the CELTA course itself, and the final qualification, have been truly life-changing for me. After a difficult period, in which I was unable to continue at university, the CELTA gave me back my confidence. In particular, the part-time course gave me the space to readjust to an academic setting, without being overwhelmed. The tutors and other students were so supportive throughout, and I enjoyed every day of the course. I finished with a whole new group of firm friends.

Before starting, I was sceptical as to whether I would even like teaching. I didn’t realise just how rewarding and stimulating it could be. I am now living and teaching in Bologna, Italy. The CELTA enabled me to find a job here easily, and a job which fits around my schedule. Choosing my hours has let me set aside time to travel and study Italian too. I have also found that understanding teaching methodology has improved my own language learning capacity, when I am the one in the student’s seat.”



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