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Following my decision to study and complete the CELTA course I searched and came across many organisations and colleges who provided the course. After some initial research, I decided to attend CRC. From the start, all the teachers were really motivated to help me learn. They were supportive, friendly and fun to work with. The course had an atmosphere which far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the daily coordination of the students/classes/curriculum. Each teacher worked in a coordinated manner to meet the needs of each student. The college provided excellent teachers, good facilities, and a great atmosphere fostered between the students by the experience. I had the most enjoyable and useful month of learning and I highly recommend CRC to everyone.

Shah Payani
ESL teacher in China


Completing the CELTA has given me a ticket to travel anywhere I want in the world and easily land a job. Eighteen months on and I have been in constant employment teaching both children and adults in Russia. The experiences open to me are as numerous as they are exciting.

The course was fantastic. It balanced full creative independence whilst being tightly structured and offering excellent support when needed. Most my clients are keen to see rapid results and the CELTA equipped me well to cope with result-driven pressure, finding resources and preparing interesting lessons.

A great challenge shared with great people.

Mark (22 years old)


After being a full time mother for 9 years, I decided to look for a qualification that would give me a better chance of finding work in the current difficult economic climate in the UK. Due to the ever increasing demand for English as a Foreign Language teachers in this country, I soon realised that the CELTA would probably be the best option to go for.

Doing the course at Cambridge Regional College was an amazing experience. The college has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere which makes it a great place to study. The experienced tutors provide a great level of support and gave me not only the tools and knowledge but also the confidence I needed to take up this new challenge.The input lessons were well organised and the practise sessions were a great opportunity to experiment with different techniques. The feedback from the practice was always constructive and contained valuable advice.

Since finishing my course in May 2012, I have been working as an EFL Lecturer almost non stop and am loving my new career! I totally recommend doing the CELTA at CRC, it has quite literally changed my life!

Fernanda Watt
Cambridge, UK


I attended the CELTA course at Cambridge Regional College in May 2012, after deciding to build on my previous experience in IT training and modern languages tuition by acquiring a formal qualification.

The course was demanding, stimulating, at times nerve-wracking, and a fantastic preparation for the actual work of teaching English to non-native speakers.  Every day was a challenge, but the guidance and support offered by the highly professional course tutors enabled me and the other course members to achieve our goals.  The course was very hands-on, with teaching practice integral from the beginning.  We received consistent and frequent feedback on our performance, which meant we were always aware of our progress and any necessary changes we needed to make.  Members of the course bonded closely and contributed to the supportive atmosphere.

Since completing the course, I’ve achieved my aim of finding regular part-time work in the EFL / ESOL sector.

Felicity Davies, April 2013


The support from tutors was great. I felt comfortable expressing concerns and worries about lesson plans and I always knew that help was available. At the same time, we were encouraged to think for ourselves as opposed to being spoon-fed.

Teaching Practice feedback – I had expected to be hit with a wall of criticism but it was all dealt with very positively and in a varied and interesting way.

Input sessions were really good models of how to teach, as well as being extremely useful. They were varied, well-planned and well structured. They were usually fun too!

Teaching Practice was really scary but hugely rewarding!

I really enjoyed the teaching practice! The TP students were great; really supportive and easy to work with and it made me want to get my first teaching job ASAP!

Handouts were extremely informative and useful. I feel like I have a folder of resources and advice to support me when I step into my first job.

The course is very well designed and organised. It is intensive but well worth completing. I am extremely grateful for all the support I received and the dedication and experience of the tutors.

I really enjoyed the course. I’d heard horror stories about the workload involved, but the way it was taught and organised made it manageable. Teaching was first class!

I can’t imagine there is a better CELTA course option anywhere in the world than at CRC. Really good job guys!

I completed my CELTA at Cambridge Regional College in December 2012. I have to say I was very impressed with the level of tuition I received during the course, and my tutors were very supportive. The course was very well structured, and the additional PTLLS qualification was implemented into the course effectively. The workload is notoriously heavy on a CELTA course, but I found that the course leaders ensured there was a very good team spirit in the class, and this helped to alleviate stress and make the work enjoyable. After graduating I went straight into a full time teaching job, working up to 35 hours each week for a language school in Cambridge. I believe it’s impossible to feel 100% confident about going straight into a full time position as a newly qualified teacher, but my training proved invaluable and I was able to take it all in my stride. I would definitely recommend Cambridge Regional College as a place to complete a CELTA.


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