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The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is an initial training course in English Language teaching. It is one of the range of Cambridge English certificates and diplomas provided for teachers and is placed at Level 5 of the UK government’s Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). CELTA is very widely recognised around the world and requested as a minimum qualification by most language teaching organisations.

The course is suitable for people with little or no teaching experience though would also benefit more experienced teachers needing a practical formal qualification in teaching.

Trainees who successfully complete the course will be able to seek posts teaching English to non-native speakers within the UK and abroad.


The CELTA online is based on the part-time model. However, instead of coming into the centre premises to do both input sessions and to do your teaching practice, you will do the input sessions online, working through multimedia materials, doing interactive tasks, discussing topics with other course participants and your tutor in forums and collaborating with other course participants in a virtual classroom. Teaching practice, feedback, supervised lesson planning and live observation will require coming into the centre.

Please note: the materials require participants to be online and cannot be downloaded or worked on off-line. This is for security and to allow progress monitoring.

As a course participant, you will work with an orientation module and 30 units of online, interactive material based on the syllabus areas. Forum and “Live room” (virtual real-time classroom) tasks are integrated throughout the course. This means that although the number of times you need to come into the centre is reduced, there are still appointments (virtual or real) that you need to attend. Course participants work independently or collaboratively depending on the task with tutor support, evaluation and comment.

Teaching practice will have a group format with each candidate teaching for a total of 6 hours. When you are not teaching, you will watch your colleagues teach (peer observation). Candidates will continue to interact with the online environment during the teaching practice phases. TP is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 17:00-21:30.

CELTA courses are very intensive whichever way you complete them. On face-to-face courses there are 120 contact hours or more spent at the centre. However, trainees often spend at least this amount of time again reviewing input, preparing lessons and writing assignments. When considering the time necessary to complete the online course please be aware of this significant additional time on top of completing online units, observing classes and attending the face to face components.

  • It gives you – the course participant – more flexibility in terms of when you complete the online component. Although the units have to be completed in order and there will be virtual classroom appointments and discussion forums to follow, there is flexibility in when you work with the online material which will help you to fit these around professional and personal commitments.
  • As there are fewer face-to-face sessions, you will not need to come into centre as much, saving you travel time and expense. This will be especially beneficial to those who live further away from the centre.
  • Another advantage of the CELTA Course Online will be the increased amount of time and support away from the centre for reflection and development. The online materials will provide an excellent resource that you can come back to at a future point. Course participants will have access to the online materials post-course (a year from the start of the course).

15 weeks (excluding holiday weeks such as Easter and half-term) including an online orientation course lasting 6 hours. This latter short course will orientate you to the Virtual Learning Environment and will also get you thinking about aspects related to the learning and teaching of English.

For each course there is an Online Course Tutor (OCT) and local Teaching Practice Tutors (TPTs). The Online Course Tutor will be guiding you through the online material but will also have input into the practical side. Whilst the TPT will be observing your teaching practice, giving you feedback and helping with lesson planning, they will also be feeding in and referring to theory. The TPTs and the OCT work in close co-operation to ensure a strong link between theory and practice. The OCT will generally also be one of the TPTs.

Whilst working through the online units, you will have contact with your OCT through the forum and the Liveroom tasks. However, the Virtual Learning Environment we will be using offers several means of communicating with your tutor directly. You will have at least one tutorial with the OCT to discuss your progress. Depending on how the course is set up this may be face-to-face, by phone or virtually in the Liveroom.

You will work with all the other course participants online and in the virtual classroom and will meet them face-to-face when you come in for the “introduction to teaching practice” session. During face-to-face teaching practice, you will work most closely with your own teaching practice group.

There will be a maximum of 18 course participants and these will be divided into TP groups of a maximum of 6 trainees.

No, they will be exactly the same.

The tuition fee for 2018/2019 for both the full-time and part-time course is £1,450.00 and includes Cambridge English registration fees and materials. There is an additional Cambridge fee of £80 for the online course.

Information regarding how and when to pay your deposit/balance of fees will be given following a successful interview.

From 2017, CELTA now qualifies for Advanced Learner Loans. The maximum loan is £1,417 and most UK nationals and residents aged 19+ should qualify. Eligibility doesn’t depend on income and there are no credit checks – loans have to be repaid when the individual has both completed the course and is earning a specified amount (currently £21,000 p.a.).

Here is a list of eligibility criteria along with information on the loan application process.

Follow this link for further information.

  • A modern computer monitor. We recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels
  • An internet connection. We recommend you use a reliable broadband-speed connection to be able to handle progressively downloaded videos
  • A good quality USB headset with headphones and built-in microphone

We recommend the following minimum hardware specifications to run the course:

  • Windows XP Home and Professional 800MHz Processor with 256MB RAM
  • All versions of Windows Vista 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM
  • All versions of Windows 7 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.3 or higher 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM

You may be able to run the course on machines with lower specification hardware although you may experience performance issues with media-rich activities.

1. Web browser

You will need an up-to-date web browser to run the course. We recommend the following browsers for the Cambridge CELTA Course Online:

Internet Explorer:

We suggest that you avoid the use of Internet Explorer if possible. Internet Explorer 8 will work fine, but please do not use IE9 at this stage as some features of the course do not perform as well as they do in other browsers.

Note: The course can also be run in other browsers. However, some features of the interface may exhibit bugs in non-recommended browsers.

2. Microsoft Word

You will need Microsoft Word for the course (either PC or Mac version). Mac users who do not have a copy of Word installed may wish to use the open source (free) Libre office: http://www.libreoffice.org/ although not all course features will work as well as Microsoft Word.

3. Required plug-ins

Your browser will require the following free plug-ins to be installed and enabled:

To check if you have the correct plug-ins installed, please click on the links above.
If you are not using your own computer, please note that you may need to contact your institution’s I.T. administrator to be able to change your browser settings or install plug-ins.

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