International Students share their experiances studying at CRC - Cambridge Regional College
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International Students share their experiances studying at CRC


Polina Sergeeva – Higher National Certificate Student

“HNC Business course is a good choice for people who are interested in business but unsure what specific area they what to study at uni or just explore more. This course provides a range of different units which give students a chance to gain knowledge that they can use on practice through teamwork in the class. Lecturers provide a great support and a range of sources for learners and involve in the learning process. In addition, I would highly recommend this course. I really enjoying it, my next step is HND and I’m looking forward to getting started the course in September.”

“QCSE maths classes cover all important topics for the exam. Teachers provide a lot of sources for additional studying at home and involve in the learning process by showing a range of different methods to solve different math’s tasks.”

Olalla Alfonso Vigo– Spain- Higher National Certificate Student

“A year and a half ago I made the decision to move to the UK to start my studies. I chose to do a High Education at Cambridge Regional College both for the content of their courses and for the help they provided to international students. Last year I took the LEVEL 4 Higher National Certificate in Business and this year I am doing the BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business. The diversity of subjects offered by both courses is very interesting since you can gradually discover which area of business interests you the most. In my case, this experience has made me discover that my preferences are related to marketing and entrepreneurship, thanks to subjects such as Entrepreneurial Ventures, Marketing Processes and Planning and International Marketing. For this reason, I have decided to take advantage of all the knowledge obtained so far and do a top up in the third year of university for next year. Thus, I will be able to take advantage of specializing in what I like the most in the last year of university and continue training in this area of business that CRC has made me discover.”

Cristina Santamaria – Spain – ELF + Level 2 Tourism Student

“The teachers at Cambridge Regional College are very attentive and they care that you learn English, the classes are very entertaining and dynamic, the people are very friendly and the teachers help you in any way they can.  My family there was very attentive and kind at all times and respectful of me. Thanks to this experience I learned a lot of English and I took good friends with me. I would come back again.”

Marcela Carrion – Peru- EFL + IELTS Preperation & Business Student

“I studied there for eight weeks from 9th January until 3rd March in the Winter School 2023 course. I’m a sixteen-year-old student, and it was the first time I was going to study in another country by myself. During that eight weeks, I impressively improved my English by speaking with classmates, teachers and the host family. At CRC, everyone was friendly and kind to me, and if I had any questions or concerns, Virginia was there to support me in anything I needed. Also, the teachers were always helping me on improving my English skills and encouraging me to achieve my objectives. I studied three courses at CRC: English (Upper Intermediate), IELTS preparation (online) and Marketing (HE Bussiness). I gained knowledge from different subjects and learned new things from other cultures because I made friends from different countries.”

“The host family I had, was lovely. Neil and Claire were kind to me, helping me and giving me advice, we had good talks which helped me to improve my English. Skala and Xander were friendly with me, inviting me to play video games, watch series or cooking brownies. I wish them the best. As I said before, studying at Cambridge Regional College was a great experience. I want to thank infinitely everyone from CRC: the teachers, staff and my classmates for giving me the best of experience ever!.”

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