Cambridge Regional College - Centre of Vocational Excellence

Discoveries that Enabled the Modern World – Talk & Workshop

Tuesday 12 March:
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Cambridge Regional College,  Kings Hedges Road, CB4 2QT
Room C133 for Chemistry
</strong><strong>Room C017 for Physics

You can discover so many things in unexpected places: there is so much to find out and wonder at in all sorts of everyday situations.Take part in a series of science experiments based around important discoveries. These will include how to make a fertiliser and extracting chemicals from natural materials.

In our discovery physics exhibition, you will see chains that levitate, balls that won’t be moved (however hard you try), how to make a fortune, magic with colour and with mirrors, how to make string shoot (who says you can’t push string, only pull it?),some brain-teasers for you to solve and a whole lot more too!

The amazing thing is that this can all be done very simply. Come and join us at CRC and have some surprising scientific fun with us.

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