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These courses will give you an overview of the examination and prepare for each paper in detail. You will practise the various elements of the examination and you will receive feedback on how to improve your exam techniques. You will also be expected to complete homework and study outside of class time to gain the most from this course.

We provide it 2 hours per week.

  • 5,30 pm – 8 pm on Wednesday for B1 level
  • 5,30 pm – 8 pm on Thursday for advanced level

Classes are normally taught at two levels: pre-intermediate/intermediate level and intermediate +. You should have at least a low B1 level of English in order to take part.

You will not need to sit our placement test if you have a recent external qualification in English which demonstrates your present level.

You will be tested prior to starting the course to determine which class is more suitable to your needs and level of English (unless you provide a certificate from a recent external qualification in English which demonstrates your level).
This course is not suitable for beginners or students with a very low level of English.

Course books, past papers and other learning materials are used on the course. There is no requirement to buy a course book, but some students prefer to do so. IELTS course book costs ca. £30.

You will focus on each paper/skill.

You will  learn:

  • A lot of new vocabulary and the difference between formal and informal language.
  • The format of the speaking paper and how to plan for it.
  • To extract key information from reading texts .
  • Essay writing strategies for Writing Part 1 and 2.

You will also benefit from:

  • Timed exam paper practice.
  • Teacher feedback, self-study advice and teacher assessments.
  • Pre-testing: we participate in Reading, Writing and Listening pre-testing sessions in November and March/April. Pre-testing gives students the opportunity to try out new exam versions which are being prepared for future use. The pre-tests are corrected by IELTS examiners and students receive an indicative score which is then discussed with their teachers. Pre-testing is free of charge.

In your lessons you will be asked to be active and participate in a variety of activities (e.g. grammar exercises, pair and group work, communication, self and peer correction, oral presentations, exam preparation). It is important that you ask questions when you do not understand.

You will also be able to comment on your classes and tell us if you want additional topics or activities.

The course takes place at Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2QT. Look on the college website for maps and information about our facilities.

It is our intention that the maximum class size be 15. However, at the start of a course it may be the case there are up to 16 students enrolled.

The course costs £10/hour and lessons are of two-hour duration.

The exam fee of IELTS is about £175 in 2019. You can take the exam locally at International House London in Cambridge (16 Stukeley Street) or choose from the many IELTS centres in the UK.

The exam fee of UKVI IELTS is about £200 in 2019. You can take the exam locally at Hills Road Sixth Form in Cambridge or choose from the many IELTS centres in the UK.

Where you take your test will depend on your circumstances. You can look for exam centres at

You can apply online by clicking on the button below. Prospective candidates will be assessed initially through their application form and then with an interview face-to-face or via Skype. The purpose of this interview is both for tutors to assess your suitability for the course and also to give you the opportunity to find out more about the commitment you are taking on.

We are now open for the application of our IELTS classes. It is applicable for a minimum of 4 weeks, 2 hours per week. You can also apply by coming to College by filling in our application form.

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