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Engineering student has university in sight

Arturas Borkertas joined Domino Printing Services in 2013, as an Electro-Mechanical Assembler (EMA) with the aim of gaining new skills and knowledge to develop a career in the industry. 

With the support of his employer, Arturas returned to the classroom at the age of 23 enrolling onto the Introduction to Electronics short evening course at Cambridge Regional College. This led to him progressing to the Higher National Certificate, followed by the Higher National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. During this time, Arturas also progressed in his career.

We caught up with Arturas to find out about his journey with CRC.

Arturas said, “I never thought I would be going back to study due to the lack of support around me, however this has been completely the opposite. Domino Printing was more than happy to support my studies and I was keen to go as far as I possibly could within the company. I always wanted to continue my learning in electronics, but never thought it would be possible.

Arturas Borkertas,
Electrical Engineering student

I chose to continue my studies at CRC because of Dr Omar’s ability to motivate his learners. He always shows a high level of support alongside his professionalism, sharing his knowledge and expertise in a way that avoids complicating the topics being studied. The course is well-planned and delivered smoothly reducing unnecessary strain on the learners. I will be thankful to Dr Omar for the rest of my life. 

The qualifications I have undertaken at CRC, will allow me to progress within my career at Domino. I have already changed my position since starting my studies with CRC. My intention is to take a top up a degree at Hertfordshire University once I have completed my HND. Domino recognises my desire to progress within the industry, and personally, to become someone that can help to solve real-life challenges, making things simpler and more efficient.

It is difficult to return to learning after many years away, but the world is evolving quickly, and no one wants to get left behind. If you have the chance to develop your knowledge and skills, go for it. The experience you receive studying at CRC is amazing. The lecturers are there to support you and if you demonstrate a high level of responsibility in your learning, you will be shown the right path to follow. I am now planning to top-up my studies to a full degree.”

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