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Traineeship Placements

Traineeships help you attract new talent to your business and gives you the opportunity to test out potential apprentices and new recruits.

During their work experience placement you will get to know how the young person can benefit your business, what skills they bring, and their attitude and whether they are a good fit– something which is often hard to do through normal recruitment methods.

What do you provide as an employer?

A work placement of around 180 hours. All we ask if that your trainee has some proper work to do while they are with you – helping them learn and making sure you get something out of them while they are with you.

We ask all employers to conduct an exit interview at the end of the placement either for your vacancy or to provide your trainee with honest feedback to help them improve.

You can also support them with their expenses while they are with you if you want to.

Contact our work experience coach now on to find our more information and to get involved.

About Traineeships

Traineeships are a Government initiative to help unemployed young people between 16-24 develop the skills they need to find, stay and progress in work.

To CRC the Traineeship Programme is a fundamental part of our approach to provision for individuals who are not in education, training or employment. to improve the prospects of the young people in the communities in which we serve to drive real economic value for those areas.

Traineeships are the stepping-stone between non-traditional programmes of learning through extended periods of work experience to enable progression to a full apprenticeships where possible. Traineeships are an integral part of our business, aiming to provide young people with the skills and confidence and a valuable insight into the world of work, whilst helping employers to meet their recruitment, training and social responsibility commitments and generate a pipeline of potential recruits for businesses.

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