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Sector Work Academy Programme

Sector Work Academy Programmes are all about creating a strong workforce, they bring together people who are unemployed to improve their confidence and skills and help business to grow their potential talent. Cambridge Regional College works together with Job Centre Plus and many other referral organisations and many of our local employers to create these opportunities. If you would like to discuss how this could work for your business please do get in touch.

What is a sector work academy programme?

It’s a sector specific course, it can be anything from 2-6 weeks in length and each course is designed bespoke with an employer to ensure the content of the course aligns perfectly with the skills required specifically to work within that organisation. Those who are unemployed and claiming benefits remain on them throughout their training and the Job Centre Plus pay for any travel costs during the training and potential employer placement.

Classroom lessons

What’s involved?

Sector work academies usually have three components;

Feature 1
Pre-employment training

This will be relevant to the sector & the employer we are working with to ensure that the people who come onto the course develop the right skills to succeed in your business. This training is fully funded by the adult education budget and delivered by our highly experienced team of employability trainers.

Feature 2
A work experience placement

The best way to see if the candidate is the right fit for you, and to see if you are right for them. A work placement will allow the student to develop their skills within the workplace.

Feature 3
A guaranteed job interview

On completion of the course each student will be interviewed for the vacancies within the company. Interview practice is invaluable to the student and gives them the opportunity to share their experience with the employer with the hope of full-time employment.

The benefits to employers

The best thing about a sector-based work academy is that they are completely flexible and offer speciality sector training that can be adapted to meet the needs of each employer we work with. Understanding the employer’s business and recruitment needs ensures the very best programme of learning is designed for potential future employees.

We design the programme to meet employers specific, immediate and future recruitment and talent needs to attract and train a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow their business.


How do I set up my own academy?

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