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Kickstart Support Packages

What is the Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high quality 6-month job placements for young people. The scheme aims to support and aid employers to help young people to develop new skills and to help them move into sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart.

Kickstart Support Packages

Our kickstart support packages are bespoke for each candidate based on their job role and individual needs & training analysis. We are maximising the use of our adult education budget to deliver a thorough training offer for every Kickstarter.

Here’s how we can help;

  • Support with completing the job application. – JCP refer onto a 2 day AEB funded programme for CVs and job applications tailored to the company’s application process.
  • Induction – 7 day programme, discover your confidence – blended with any induction materials the individual needs to undertake for their company.

    The kick-starters will then have access to the full range of AEB funded programmes.

It is important for us to offer a well-rounded, blended approach to kickstart training that develops the whole person. We split our kick start delivery into 5 main themes. 

  • On the Job Training. Supported by a mentor, where specific projects or outcomes are agreed with the employer upfront and forms part of the training plan.
  • Skills and Knowledge. To include short courses in time management, money management, stress awareness for example. And, to include qualification-based programmes where appropriate.
  • Basic Skills Development. Support for English, Maths, and digital skill development.  
  • Employability Skills. To include short courses in confidence building, working as a team etc. 
  • Career Development. To include applying and interviewing for jobs in a virtual world.  

Due to the nature of our business, we can offer a wide range of training in a flexible delivery way to suit the needs of the trust. We have indicated below the hours that are attributed to the programme rather than the delivery methodology as this will be very much in consultation with the trust and delivered in a flexible way to meet the needs of the trust. 

Skills and Knowledge
Mental Health Awareness6 hours
Stress Awareness6 hours
Alchohol Awareness6 hours
Substance Misuse Awareness6 hours
Customer Service25 hours
Business Administration25 hours

Basic skills development would be based on the outcome of the initial assessment levels and in consultation with the trust. If kick-starters would like to gain a qualification in the below this can be agreed in consultation with the trust

Basic Skills Development
EnglishUp to 30 hours
MathsUp to 30 hours
Digital SkillsUp to 30 hours
Discover your confidence25 hours
Career Development
Applying for jobs (in a virtual world)7 hours
Online interview techniques7 hours
Which way next?7 hours

We have a direct adult education budget with both the CPCA and ESFA and therefore a lot of our offer can be funded. Where we can fund through AEB we are advising that kickstart delivery budgets should be aligned to mentoring & coaching for individuals going through the programme and for those that do not meet the funding criteria for the adult education budget.

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