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Apprenticeships deliver the whole package of on-the-job training and occupationally-relevant qualifications that develop the skills, knowledge and expertise of your employees. We are one of the top training providers in the East of England for apprenticeships and CPD training and number 1 in terms of Apprenticeships Employer Satisfaction in the region. Our wide variety of training provision means that you will find excellent training that matches your company’s needs and delivers real business benefit.

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There is no age limit for apprentices, so you can choose to take on a new apprentice, giving a school leaver the opportunity to train and grow with your business, or enable your existing employees to benefit from increased skills and gain industry-recognised qualifications.

You can also use our apprenticeship programmes to upskill your current staff members. Apprenticeship training can boost your staff morale, increase employee retention rates and improve productivity and efficiency. Hiring apprentices brings fresh ideas to your team and allows you to train them for the skills your business requires, filling skill gaps and developing loyal employees.

Useful resources for Employers

For those who are new to taking on apprentices, download our Employer Guide to Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Standards Fact Sheet which will explain the key points employers need to know.  The National Apprenticeship Service also provides guidance on myth busting and 20% off the job training







Apprenticeship Funding

Employers fall into one of three categories for apprenticeship funding:

Companies with an annual wage bill of over £3 million will have to pay an apprenticeship levy of 0.5% directly to HMRC through the PAYE process. The amount you have available to spend is calculated on a monthly basis as follows:

Your levy is 0.5% of your gross annual payroll, less a £15,000 allowance. The balance is then divided by 12 and rounded down to the nearest pound. This gives a monthly levy payment which is then multiplied by the % of your employees living in England. The government tops that up by 10%, which gives you the final monthly amount. Employers can use this allowance for
apprenticeship training through an approved training provider such as Cambridge Regional College.

Employers who are not eligible to pay the apprenticeship levy will have to pay 5% towards the cost of apprenticeship training. This can be paid in three ways:

• Upfront payment
• Instalments over the first three months
• Or, if over £900, instalments across 12 months

This applies to companies with less than 50 employees taking a 16-18 year old apprentice. Apprenticeship training is
fully funded for these companies which means there is no fee to you as an employer.

The easy steps to recruiting an apprentice

A step-by-step guide to recruiting an apprentice with Cambridge Regional College



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